Increase your website conversion rate with split testing

If your website has 1,000 visits a week and converts 3% of traffic that works out at 30 conversions a week. If you are setting your targets at 60 conversions…

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Is marketing an art or a science?

The answer is…it’s both Marketing is a science – using analytics, measuring numbers from AdWords or a direct mail campaign, improving website conversion rates, using certain words in advertisements that…

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Marketing doesn’t work

If you don’t measure If you talk about yourself, not what you can do for the customer If you give up after your first attempt If your branding doesn’t reflect…

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It doesn’t matter what you like

It doesn’t matter if you want your logo to be blue because it’s the colour of your favourite football team. It doesn’t matter if you prefer direct mail to email…

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6 reasons why you should do more marketing in a recession

Do you cut your marketing budget in a recession or use marketing to get you through a recession? Here are 6 reasons to keep marketing: Your competitors may be cutting…

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What’s really important?

A multinational company or someone doing what they say they will when they say they will? A website that lists every book in the world or a website that works…

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