In-house or

outsourced marketing?

Low on leads? Baffled by digital marketing? Ready to grow but working with a tight budget? There are all sorts of reasons why you might find yourself at a crossroads asking one crucial question:

“Should I hire in-house or outsource my marketing?”

Saving Money

What’s the problem?

We regularly talk to SaaS businesses of all shapes and sizes who have this precise dilemma. Many need additional expertise to get their marketing to where it needs to be. Others simply need marketing manpower to push their own strategies forward.

For most, results are key. They’re looking for great marketing which won’t cost the earth and, most importantly, will deliver the leads, brand awareness and positive publicity they want. But will a costly in-house team lack the full complement of expertise? Will your outsourced team understand your target market? These are all important questions…

So, what’s the answer?

That’s entirely up to you. Different approaches work for different businesses – there’s no “one size fits all” in marketing. Here’s how your two key options stack up.

Outsourced vs In-house

Outsourced Marketing


Pay for what you want, as and when you need it, with zero overheads. Outsourcing your marketing is much more cost-effective and will help you to squeeze the absolute most out of your marketing budget.


Using an outsourced marketing department puts a full mix of marketing specialisms at your disposal, ready whenever you need them. PPC, SEO, web design, content marketing, direct mail campaigns, email marketing, overarching marketing strategies, brand building, graphic design – you name it, you’ve got it.


At Xander Marketing our team of outsourced marketing professionals have combined decades of experience working in the SaaS industry. Our years of experience are all available to you, as and when you need to draw on them.


Any outsourced marketing expert worth their salt will take the time to get to know your business inside out. With years of experience in a very broad range of industries, they’ll understand what pushes your precise target market’s buttons – plus they’ll be able to draw on experiences from outside your sector for fresh ideas.


Big news in your industry? Huge PR opportunity just over the horizon? An outsourced team are ready to go when you are and can act quickly when turnarounds get tight. Scale your marketing up and down whenever necessary and stop projects any time you need to scale down spending for complete control.

Hiring In-house


Employer tax, sick pay, annual leave, equipment, overtime, endless teabags – a new employee is an expensive investment. Since your shiny new team member will be working for a per annum salary, there’s also no guarantee that your projects will be delivered cost-effectively.


No marketing professional is a jack of all trades. In such a broad and diverse sector, it’s impossible to be able to know everything about everything.

When you hire in-house, compromises will need to be made. Perhaps your new team member isn’t clued up about social media, or maybe their understanding of AdWords is a little basic…you’ll end up either sacrificing some marketing or outsourcing elements anyway to get the desired results.


When it comes to experience in the job market, you pay for what you get. To hire in a successful “somebody” with a decade of proven marketing nous, you’ll need to offer a very tempting salary…


A good in-house team member will come to know your business and your target market like the back of their hand. This is a big plus in any marketing campaign, but it can also lead to a lack of imagination. For real “outside the box” marketing thinking, a team with a more varied background can be hugely positive.


It’s difficult to be responsive when you’re working 9 to 5 with a daily workload of essential marketing tasks to wade through. With no room for manoeuvre, extra capacity and flexibility is hard to come by. Equally, should times get tough and your marketing budget shrink, permanent staff can be a big barrier to cutting back.

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