6 Social Media Tips for 2014

How well is your social media campaign working in 2014? If it could do with a bit of a boost, take a look at our top 6 social media marketing tips for the start of this year! 1. Give your tweets visual appeal Twitter now gives snapshots of images linked in tweets. This gives any…

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How to Go Viral with Online Video

Have you seen the Visible Measures’ 2013 branded viral video chart? It makes interesting reading, ranking 2013’s best viral branded videos according to their ‘true reach’. The most powerful video, produced by Dove attracted an eye-watering true reach of 135,838,683 people by innovatively encouraging women to celebrate their real beauty. So what can Visible Measures’…

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Your Marketing Year: Hindsight and Forward Planning for 2014

If you’re enjoying a quick breather before the battle to get Christmas business booming and loose ends tied up, now is the perfect time to appraise your marketing in 2013 and start planning to do even better in 2014. Ready to get started? Here at Xander Marketing we’ve put together a helpful rundown to prepare…

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What is a buyer persona and why should you use them to empower your marketing?

Knowledge is power. The more we know about potential customers, the better our marketing becomes. Learning to develop accurate buyer personas will help you to zero in on who you’re marketing too, tailoring their experience of your brand to make the absolute most out of your marketing budget. So what is a buyer persona? A…

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Did our 2013 Marketing Predictions come true?

Every year we like to make predictions as to what the next 12 months will bring. Last January was no different, and we predicted 6 marketing trends for SMEs in 2013. (Read our predictions here.) So as we near the end of 2013 have our predictions come true? Responsive web design will become a standard….

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What Does Google’s Hummingbird Update Mean for Businesses?

As far as grand entrances go, Google’s algorithmic update (code named Hummingbird) was a very subtle affair. In fact, the big, bad update went undetected by webmasters and online marketers for more than 30 days, despite affecting 90% of worldwide searches. When the previous update, Penguin, hit just 3% of searches were affected, yet the…

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Why inbound marketing is so much more effective than outbound marketing

First some quick descriptions: Outbound marketing is usually a mixture of email marketing, direct mail and telemarketing, targeting potential customers Inbound marketing is about attracting customers to you –  through marketing that drives traffic to your website and then builds on that interest via channels such as social media and email marketing The problems with…

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Are Demographics Dead? How Data is Driving Better Marketing

Once upon a time demographics were demographics. You had your baby boomers, you had your young professionals, you had your over 50s and you had the youth market. Those days are now well and truly gone. No more guesswork, no more flaky customer personas based on intuition, online data is helping to build a truly…

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What you need to know about SlideShare

If 2012 was the year of Pinterest in the social media world, 2013 is becoming the year of SlideShare. If you’re marketing to a B2B audience, you should seriously consider using SlideShare as part of your marketing mix. What is SlideShare? SlideShare is like a ‘YouTube for slideshows’. You can upload any presentation or document…

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The importance of ‘Social Proof’ in marketing

What is social proof? According to Wikipedia “Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behaviour for a given situation. This effect is prominent in ambiguous social situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behaviour, and is driven by the…

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