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How to partner with a marketing agency to get the most out of your marketing

26th July 2013

There is a mix of technical and communication disciplines that sit behind a well integrated marketing function. It’s highly specialised so it should surprise few that expertise is required to deliver them quickly and efficiently.

Many small and mid-sized businesses choose to outsource to a marketing partner. You simply cannot do it all and it’s unreasonable to expect someone whose primary role is not marketing to be able to acquire all the skills required. Get outside help when you need it. Combine best business practice with your instincts to find someone you can work with and trust.

Working with a marketing partner is a two way street and your attention and input is required. You may have to reveal confidential information to tell the whole story of your business. If you are uncomfortable with the prospect of ‘baring your business soul’ to new found marketing professionals, an NDA is a useful tool to ensure that your confidential business information stays just that way.

To ensure that you get the best value from marketing, you need to give your marketing partner the best opportunity to provide it. It’s useful to remember the following points:

  • Once you are happy with your choice of marketing partner, let them help you and trust their advice
  • Remember it’s a partnership. Your marketing partner has marketing knowledge but you have company and industry knowledge. Provide unique insights, ideas and feedback from customers
  • Trust in your marketing partner’s knowledge. Don’t let internal differences between decision makers in your business come between you and good advice. Let the professional marketers guide you
  • Engage the whole company in marketing. People in different roles and departments will have different insights and experiences
  • Talk regularly. Set up regular calls or meetings and communicate regularly so everyone is on the same wavelength
  • Don’t be discouraged by a few bad results. Results often don’t meet expectations, especially for those that are commissioning marketing services for the first time; it’s a long game that delivers over time and sometimes strategies need to change
  • If results are good, ask them to deliver more. If results are bad ask them to change the approach or come up with new ideas. If it’s lots of excuses, deaf ears, or evasiveness, it’s time to change your marketing partner…

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