Why we’re not a HubSpot partner

We’re often asked the question: ‘Are you a HubSpot partner?’ so we thought we’d write a quick blog to answer the question. The short answer is ‘no’. Read on for the longer answer… HubSpot is a great tool Firstly HubSpot is a great tool for the right business. We have set up and use HubSpot…

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How can SaaS businesses use Quora for their marketing?

Quora is a current marketing buzzword, it is the current favoured child of Silicon Valley and with 1.5 million monthly visitors worldwide it’s important to see what Quora is all about and see how it can benefit your SaaS business. What is Quora? Quora was founded in 2009 by two former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo…

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What should your SaaS marketing budget be?

It’s an easy question to ask, but a hard one to answer. This article rounds up thought leaders opinions and data from around the web to answer this complex question. In essence the answer is, how long is a piece of string with budgets as low as 10% being mentioned, right through to spending 120% of…

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14 Marketing Predictions for 2014

In this blog post we dust off our crystal ball and make 14 predictions for marketing in 2014: Marketing automation software and processes will increase Responsive websites will become the norm Search engine marketing will become even more onsite focused, and only quality backlinks will be effective Penguin, Panda and other Google updates will effect…

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Your Marketing Year: Hindsight and Forward Planning for 2014

If you’re enjoying a quick breather before the battle to get Christmas business booming and loose ends tied up, now is the perfect time to appraise your marketing in 2013 and start planning to do even better in 2014. Ready to get started? Here at Xander Marketing we’ve put together a helpful rundown to prepare…

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What is the marketing silver bullet?

Answer: There isn’t one You have to do a bit of everything in a strategic, integrated and consistent way. Your SEO supports your website, your website supports your brochure, your social media supports your content marketing and so on. When you do that 1+1 = 11

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Did our 2013 Marketing Predictions come true?

Every year we like to make predictions as to what the next 12 months will bring. Last January was no different, and we predicted 6 marketing trends for SMEs in 2013. (Read our predictions here.) So as we near the end of 2013 have our predictions come true? Responsive web design will become a standard….

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Are Demographics Dead? How Data is Driving Better Marketing

Once upon a time demographics were demographics. You had your baby boomers, you had your young professionals, you had your over 50s and you had the youth market. Those days are now well and truly gone. No more guesswork, no more flaky customer personas based on intuition, online data is helping to build a truly…

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How to Dominate Online Channels with Diverse Content

We’re living in a digital world in the midst of the communications era. There are now more ways for us to get in touch with each other than our grunting caveman ancestors could ever have imagined. With so many different channels through which we can express ourselves, it’s not always easy to know which medium…

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Are Apps a Faddy Marketing Indulgence?

Apps have been a trendy marketing tool for a number of years now but is this a bandwagon which is swiftly losing its sparkle? As more and more businesses try their hand at turning apps into marketing megabucks, the more it becomes apparent that apps are not a tool for everyone. In fact, it’s starting…

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