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How to Dominate Online Channels with Diverse Content

16th October 2013

We’re living in a digital world in the midst of the communications era. There are now more ways for us to get in touch with each other than our grunting caveman ancestors could ever have imagined.

With so many different channels through which we can express ourselves, it’s not always easy to know which medium to use to target an online audience and, once the niche has been identified, it’s not always easy to know how to fill it. If you want to dominate varied online channels with a diverse range of content types, Xander Marketing has put together this quick, handy guide for developing content for key channels.


We don’t need to tell you how massive Amazon is. Creating a free or paid for downloadable eBook is a great way to get attention, make your presence felt, showcase your expertise, give yourself some great content to shout about through other mediums and to get yourself out there on yet another online channel.

There are few tricks to using eBooks for online marketing. Firstly, stick to what you know. If you’re not going to offer real insight, don’t do it. There’s plenty of filler out there so you need to be at the top of your game to impress, convince and turn your eBook into a really sharable resource.

Secondly, be unique. As an expert in your field, you’ll be able to find a niche, but make sure it’s a compelling one. With so much ‘stuff’ on the web, it’s imperative that you’re interesting and insightful (or hilarious) if you want to get a slice of online attention.

Thirdly, share, share, share. Tweet about your eBook, blog about it, link to it from your LinkedIn, offer guest posts about a related subject and link from them – just get it out there and get people to read it. If they find it helpful, the rest is history.


iTunes, soundcloud, hypem – if you’ve got something to shout about, it’s time to get your voice heard, literally, all over the web. Podcasts are a great, direct way for people to connect with you and your online brand, especially amongst younger people.

Depending on your industry this may seem a little new and scary, but offer an enjoyable listen on topics prospective customers care about and you could win real customer loyalty. Costly equipment isn’t necessary either, all that you’ll need is a half decent mic, a passion for your subject and some sound editing software. Audacity is a perfectly usable, free option. Again, don’t forget to share your podcast far and wide across your other social channels…

Social Content

Competitions, news, images, videos, viral content – the whole point of social is that content isn’t just created, it’s shared. So remember that it’s not all about you. Yes disseminate your eBooks and podcasts, but make sure you’re sharing other exciting bits and pieces from other sources too. Get involved in your industry online and keep the conversation flowing to attract interest, a reputation for real market engagement and increasing numbers of followers.

Videos & Vines

Vine is the trendy new video of the web. A maximum of 6 second looping shot, these are small, diverting video nuggets which don’t take 5 minutes to load or need to be instantly closed when the boss comes into the office. If you can come up with a clever vine pertaining to what you do as a business – you could enjoy some real attention! The key is the concept. With such a short timeframe it has to pack a punch and get your message across.

If you’re after less of a creative challenge, YouTube & Vimeo are ever present and ever popular. From how tos and presentations to spoofs and viral clips – if you can get creative for the camera, you’ll have some great content to cultivate a presence in this corner of the web.

Websites & Blogs

And here’s the foundation of every piece of content you create to promote your brand online. Your website or blog is your hub. Every piece of marketing material you mastermind should link back here and everything about your ‘online home’ should resonate with your brand image. Host eBooks, embed your videos, encourage users to get involved with your social channels – it all has to be accessible from here. You’re building an online empire after all!

To learn more about content creation to corner the diverse channels of the internet, why not talk to Xander Marketing today? From vines to podcasts, we know how to broadcast your brand on the web. Call the team today on +44 (0)330 223 2770.

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