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20 types of marketing emails you could be sending

25th July 2013

Stuck as to what you should send in your next email marketing campaign? Or wondering how to turboboost your current campaigns? Here are 20 types of marketing emails you could be sending:

  1. Send a piece of content out, for example a white paper
  2. Send a sales promotion
  3. Create a series of autoresponders that follow leads up
  4. Send a monthly/weekly/daily newsletter
  5. Send a 30 day course
  6. Send a daily offer
  7. Follow up sales orders with action emails (not just thanks for your order)
  8. Use delivery note emails to promote and cross sell services
  9. Send emails to customers that abandon shopping carts
  10. Send reorder emails (for example when stock is likely to be low on ink cartridges)
  11. Send holiday (e.g. Christmas) or even better birthday emails
  12. Send anniversary emails, for joining your email list, or since purchasing from your business
  13. Cross sell recommendation emails. You bought this…so how about this?
  14. Case studies…see what your peers are doing
  15. Events – promote events and send invitations via email
  16. Website affinity trigger emails – if your customer views a page on your website send them a relevant white paper
  17. Co-marketing emails – if you are running a joint event, or have co-authored a white paper for example
  18. Internal updates. Don’t neglect your staff, partners and suppliers
  19. Email confirmations – thanks for your order for example, or we’ve received your request
  20. Dedicated personal emails – don’t forget these. They can still work very well for marketing

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