[New White Paper] No one is clicking or reading my marketing content

We’ve recently published our new white paper ‘No one is clicking or reading my marketing content’. At one time or another, many of those involved in marketing a SaaS business are likely to have entertained the thought that no one seems to be interested in clicking or reading their content. A high level of audience…

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How the best B2B SaaS brands use content to become loved by their customers

Marketing for a SaaS business is an area of marketing unlike any other. The distinctive nature of SaaS marketing is what makes it exciting, and there are definitive techniques you can learn to attract customers with your brand to make them love you. You should be creating relevant, useful and engaging content for prospective customers…

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The power of words: getting the right copy that sells software

Whether it’s convincing new visitors to sign up to a free software trial, or using a series of onboarding emails to nudge users towards a subscription, using the right copy is key in explaining the core benefits of your product to new and existing customers. In fact, professional (or not so professional!) writing can have…

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What does good content marketing look like in 2016?

Ingredients of good content marketing The interest in content marketing certainly shows no sign of letting up. However, an awful lot of poor quality low-value content is pushed out which may be having a detrimental effect by turning off some sections of the audience. For 2016 the best content marketing will integrate the following key…

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Content marketing: more than just a tactic

For any astute business owner, being concerned with the level of return generated from an investment on any given project – whether it be a marketing campaign or an upgraded telecommunications system – is essential. Unfortunately, as marketing evolves with the demands of the online world, not all of its forms offer a clear cut…

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How can you write content about my industry when you don’t know my industry?

If we had a pound for every time we’d been asked that question…. Nobody knows your business better than those that work within it. So nobody is better suited for writing great content on its behalf, right? Not necessarily… Knowing a subject matter is one thing. Knowing how to relay that subject matter in a…

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Content marketing is dead. Long live content marketing.

People aren’t clicking so where next? As content marketers we tune into the trends and views on the industry. One of the topics which seems to come up more frequently is that content marketing isn’t working any more for SaaS businesses. In effect, the initiators of such conversations often suggest content marketing is dead and…

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How to design & distribute amazing infographics

What is an infographic? Take interesting information, facts, figures and data from a good source, add a pinch of design flair, attractive typography and powerful imagery and you should have a fresh infographic ready to share. Infographics are fun, highly visual representations of data, designed to make facts and figures clearer and more enjoyable. In…

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2014: The Year Content Marketing Comes of Age

Online marketers the world over await 2014 with baited breath. The blogosphere has been abuzz through much of the latter half of 2013 with hushed whisperings of a new dawn in the content marketing era, but is this just the excited hyperbole of a few over zealous marketers, or is the content landscape really going…

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How to Dominate Online Channels with Diverse Content

We’re living in a digital world in the midst of the communications era. There are now more ways for us to get in touch with each other than our grunting caveman ancestors could ever have imagined. With so many different channels through which we can express ourselves, it’s not always easy to know which medium…

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