What’s happened in the world of marketing in 2017 so far? A guide for SaaS businesses

We’re more than half way through the year now and in typical digital marketing fashion the marketing world continues to evolve quickly. Read our summary of some of the new innovations marketers of SaaS businesses need to be aware of: User intent is the future of SEO From Search Engine Journal: “In recent years search…

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6 tasks you can do this summer for your SaaS Marketing

Summer is here (well if you’re in the northern hemisphere at least). Typically for SaaS businesses, and in particular those selling to other businesses, summer is a quieter time for lead generation and new customer acquisition. Your prospects are on holiday and getting diaries together for group decisions can take weeks; those left in the…

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How can Account Based Marketing help SaaS businesses generate more leads?

It’s very easy to spend large chunks of marketing budget on broad brush campaigns, which seem to generate brand awareness, but ultimately don’t convert into pipeline. To increase the ROI on campaigns, many SaaS businesses are turning to Account Based Marketing (ABM) as a more effective way to generate leads. What is Account Based Marketing?…

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Are you ready for marketing automation?

If you’re looking at how to market your SaaS product more effectively, it’s likely you will have considered investing in a marketing automation software platform such as HubSpot, Marketo or Pardot. At Xander Marketing, we know first-hand the benefits of marketing automation software, having used a variety of technologies for many of our clients. Done…

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Why your SaaS marketing strategy needs to be holistic

Marketing your SaaS product isn’t just a case of getting more leads or hoping customers will magically appear. It needs to be a holistic approach focused on all stages of the marketing funnel and user journey: Have a great product  First and foremost you need a good product. If the product isn’t good enough, doesn’t…

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How to influence SaaS prospects before they’re ready to buy

The buying journey starts well before you begin conversations In the world of B2B marketing and sales, early influence is incredibly important. By the time a prospect gets in touch with you, some statistics show 67% of the buying process has already taken place – so how do you start influencing them before they’re in…

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What should go in your SaaS Marketing Strategy?

SaaS is both like and not like other businesses Marketing a SaaS software business is just like marketing other types of business. And it’s also unlike marketing other types of business! Common characteristics that make SaaS unlike many other businesses are they tend to be no-bricks companies, especially in the start-up and early phase of…

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Why a good SaaS marketing strategy needs a business strategy first

There’s a saying in business that, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Though it may sound clichéd and derived from the pages of a self-help guide, the simple fact is that much of what it encapsulates bears significance. Whether as a small start up or international organisation, a humble online store or…

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Your Marketing Year: Hindsight and Forward Planning for 2014

If you’re enjoying a quick breather before the battle to get Christmas business booming and loose ends tied up, now is the perfect time to appraise your marketing in 2013 and start planning to do even better in 2014. Ready to get started? Here at Xander Marketing we’ve put together a helpful rundown to prepare…

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What is a buyer persona and why should you use them to empower your marketing?

Knowledge is power. The more we know about potential customers, the better our marketing becomes. Learning to develop accurate buyer personas will help you to zero in on who you’re marketing too, tailoring their experience of your brand to make the absolute most out of your marketing budget. So what is a buyer persona? A…

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