Marketing a Brand – James Bond style

Marketing is at its most successful when a brand is strong. In fact, particularly strong brands can sell almost any product at any price. Take the latest James Bond movie Skyfall as an example: 007 as a Brand When Bond appears on the scene, everyone wants a piece of the action. Sony, Coca Cola and…

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How to differentiate your business

When thinking about a USP, or differentiating your business there are three angles to look at: 1. The product or service What feature or benefit does your business, product or service have that is different? This may be a unique feature, your price point, the speed you do business or many other things. Think Fairy…

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10 ways Professional Service companies can increase their profits through marketing

Marketing a professional services company can often be something you have lots of enthusiasm for but is low on the priority list. However the new business you can win through executing a marketing strategy can pay off many times over and ensure you have business coming to you, rather than you going out and finding…

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Can SMEs get an ROI from their brand?

Many SMEs debate whether a brand can deliver an ROI for them. Of course we believe it can. If you can answer yes to any of the questions below hopefully you can formulate your own answer: If your brand raises awareness of your company will you get a return? If you have a reason why…

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All about brands and branding for SMEs

For one week only we’ll be focusing on brands and branding for SMEs. Is it really important? What does a brand mean to you? And what are the financial benefits of a brand. Read on… Brands and branding   A brand is a promise. It portrays your company vision, mission, values and key messages. It…

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Do SMEs need a brand?

A brand isn’t a logo, it’s not a colour scheme and it’s not a website. A brand is what a company stands for, it’s a promise customers believe in. A brand needs to portray your company vision, mission, values and key messages. It needs to position and differentiate your company in the marketplace and it…

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The power of a brand

Coca-Cola is the ‘best global brand’ according to Interbrand’s 2008 survery. It is valued at just under $67m. How is a brand, in most cases an intangible asset, worth that much? I read an interesting study recently which helps to answer that question: Coke and Pepsi are great rivals. When people drink Coke and Pepsi…

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