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The power of words: getting the right copy that sells software

28th June 2016

icon-lettersWhether it’s convincing new visitors to sign up to a free software trial, or using a series of onboarding emails to nudge users towards a subscription, using the right copy is key in explaining the core benefits of your product to new and existing customers.

In fact, professional (or not so professional!) writing can have a massive impact on how your audience perceives your brand. Words can be persuasive, and as a growing SaaS business, you need to be harnessing them correctly. With many companies of this kind being zero touch in nature, your copy may be the first, and only, direct point of communication with your customer, making it all the more important to get it exactly right.

If you’re a seasoned wordsmith, or have previously overlooked agency copywriting as an unnecessary expense, let Xander Marketing point you towards the level of text perfection that can help to generate new customers, influence potential buyers and turn leads into conversions.

Avoid mistakes, go pro!

You may not realise it, but poorly written text reflects upon your company. If there are spelling and grammatical errors upon your website, visitors are less likely to purchase your product, and in the least, are likely to view your company in a less professional light.

As a SaaS brand, the image you’re looking to convey should be slick, sharp and technically accurate, an effect that could be quickly undone by the smallest of publishing oversights. By far the easiest way to avoid these simple yet costly mistakes is to outsource your copywriting to a professional. It may be that whilst your product is aimed at English speakers, your team may not be native and outsourcing is essential to ensure that the work is undertaken by a fluent English speaker

Keep messages on brand

The wording you use on your website and any other communications is more than just a few sentences strung together; it’s a powerful representation of your brand. Tone, style and phrasing all have a direct impact on how your customer interprets your branding, and ultimately, how they interact with your SaaS company.

Before you embark on any copywriting project, ensure that the language that you’re using is appropriate for your audience, a true reflection of the image you wish to portray, and cohesive with your overall marketing strategy. And it’s not just your promotional material where great writing counts, as you’ll need to consider the tone of voice you wish to use throughout the software itself, whether that be corporate, fun or techie.

Remember that it’s not just what you’re saying that matters, it’s how you say it.

Simplifying SaaS

Jarring phrases, complicated sentences and complex jargon will be off-putting for many of your readers. Despite offering technical software, many SaaS products aren’t for ‘techies’ so you’ll need to explain what your software does, who it’s for, how it works and the ways in which it can help your target market in a manner that is easy to understand and simple to digest. Focus on the consumer benefits rather than drowning in detail.

Take note of who you’re writing for; the majority of potential customers are probably most interested in the problems your product can solve for them day to day, its pricing, and how to operate it.

Overwhelming your customer with too many concepts, over-engineered descriptions and dense wording will leave them less responsive, disinterested, and unlikely to buy.


If your team has an in-house word wizard, you’ll know how much time and effort goes into producing effective content, a process that can be made much easier by outsourcing.

Using a professional copywriter can free up your own resources, and with the right agency on your side, it will be a collaborative effort to ensure that your ideas are turned into a well written reality. Of course, many SaaS businesses lack any copywriting know-how at all, at which point consulting the experts is a must.

Say it the right way with Xander Marketing

If writing professional copy in-house is a drain on your resources, a specialised marketing agency can give the right support and direction you need to generate compelling text for your SaaS business.

The experienced team at Xander Marketing are used to working within your industry, knowing what works and what doesn’t, and can produce crisp, engaging and SEO friendly content at a snappy pace. To find out more about how our words can benefit your brand, we’d love to hear from you.

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