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6 ways to take your SaaS content marketing to the next level

18th February 2022

Written content still has its place in marketing, but it needs to be as engaging as it can be, so that your target audience returns to your blog posts and whitepapers for their thought-leadership appeal. Sharing specialist written pieces will cement your company’s status as the go-to expert. But you shouldn’t stop the ante there. In fact, there are a number of ways you can (and should) take your written content marketing to the next level, and here’s how:

1. Create a resource hub

Publish content relevant to your target audience and industry that will equip your customers with valuable insights and tools – all from your very own resource library. We’re talking eBooks, how-to guides, templates, and success stories.

Each resource should ultimately present an industry deep dive that aims to help your customers grow. Mailchimp, for example, has a great insights and resources section on its site, offering everything from guides and case studies to founder profiles and trend alerts.

2. Feature your expertise on a podcast

If you’re not in a position to start your own, reach out to existing podcasts and elect to join a couple of episodes as an expert guest. Podcasts won’t only reach wider audiences, but will also give you the chance to flesh out your blog content over in-depth conversations around it. Shopify uses its podcast, Masters, as a means to provide insightful discussions on ecommerce and actionable digital strategies.

3. Create a community

Create a virtual space for engaging debates and questions, either on a platform like Facebook or LinkedIn or your website (if you have the capacity to), that will serve as an online forum for your customers. You could even set up the space as a ‘post-podcast’ debrief arena, where those that have joined the community can continue the conversation after your podcast episode airs.

4. Generate videos

Videos can generate waves of awareness, whether it’s focused on selling a product or simply reimagining a blog post in animated form. Videos around success or founder stories in particular are especially interesting – and it doesn’t only have to live on YouTube. Social channels (including email software) are all optimised for video sharing in the current digital age.

5. Host a masterclass

People are buying into people. Consider putting together a series of classes hosted by individuals from your company who are experts in their field. Establish these people as thought-leaders and allow your customers or business partners to choose masterclasses based on the expert. This will get the name out on your business and also uplift your industry since more minds will be exposed to more practical, take-home knowledge.

6. Make your content more interactive

There is a growing expectation among virtual audiences today that digital content should be ever-dynamic, always accessible, and as engaging as possible. As a result, transforming your written marketing efforts with an element of interactivity will undoubtedly maximise the engagement and interest in your content.

Content across landing pages, infographics, as well as eBooks all provide areas where interactivity can be experimented with. Even posting something like an interactive quiz on your site will share information with your audience in a fun and additionally engaging manner.

Although your website visitors won’t be strangers to digital consumption, you could potentially lose their interest if your written content marketing stagnates. Our advice is to simply up the ante in terms of how you present the knowledgeable information you’d love to share.

And these 6 tips offer exactly that. More engagement promises more conversion, so consider taking a look at our thoughts on how you could transform your blog posts for greater and more effective engagement.

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