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How the best B2B SaaS brands use content to become loved by their customers

10th January 2017

iStock_000016962286SmallMarketing for a SaaS business is an area of marketing unlike any other. The distinctive nature of SaaS marketing is what makes it exciting, and there are definitive techniques you can learn to attract customers with your brand to make them love you.

You should be creating relevant, useful and engaging content for prospective customers that introduces them to your SaaS brand, and builds their loyalty.

How B2B is nearly B2C content

The best SaaS brands understand that even though a lot of SaaS content is B2B, it actually sits closer to B2C than other content of a similar kind.

It’s okay to be more informal and engage in lots of storytelling. Your customers want to have an ongoing relationship with your brand, as well as receive answers to their problems in your industry.

With this fact in mind, stay away from the jargon and dry technical descriptions in your content, and instead appeal to the emotions of your audience.

Example no# 1: Buffer

Social media software vendor Buffer does a fantastic job of portraying its personality through emotive content.

Its content is useful, focusing on social media marketing and industry trends, but at the same time communicating an inspiring company culture of transparency and continuous learning.

Take this example of a post Buffer wrote about how to give honest feedback to employees. It’s content marketing gold. The company also commits itself to inclusivity in the tech industry.

This differentiates the company from the herd of SaaS companies marketing themselves. Buffer makes itself vulnerable, and endears itself to customers, by revealing that it isn’t perfect…. And, that it doesn’t always know what it’s doing.

Example no# 2: Helpscout

Customer service help desk vendor Helpscout rocks at content marketing, because its brand is powerful, distinctive and honest.

Similarly to Buffer, Helpscout publishes lots of helpful content in its industry (in this case, customer support) and always infuses it with an individual, no-nonsense style that lays bare the workings of the company.

Helpscout focuses strongly on portraying an image of itself that is humble, open, and focused on continuous development and learning. Consider this post about the history of the Helpscout brand and the evolution of its logo.

Other companies may publish similar posts, but Helpscout doesn’t portray itself too positively. The company has openly published a guest post about negative customer feedback and how to deal with it.

This gives Helpscout an edge as a humane, honest and humble brand.

This SaaS brand offers a window into its company culture, as all good SaaS brands should. It is a brand that customers love.


Your company’s personality needs to come through in your B2B SaaS content, and depending on your values and target market could include elements like your ethical stance, sense of humour, and sometimes even mild bad language.

The goal is to distinguish your brand in a way that endears you to your customers, and keeps them coming back for your exclusive content.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and imperfect in your content. This is what will make your customers love you, and keep them coming back.

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