How to have a marketing team of 10 for your SaaS business when you only have the budget for one person

Making the marketing numbers work The Forbes Cloud 100 list features the 100 ‘hottest private tech companies in cloud computing’. Figuring that marketing was an important factor that determined their presence on the list, Drift decided to analyse what these 100 firms were doing. The report ‘Marketing Lessons From the Top 100 SaaS Companies’ studied…

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‘Insourcing’ your marketing – is it the answer?

As an agency, we are unlikely to be the first to get the call or email from a client saying: “We’re excited to say we’ve employed someone to do our marketing.” Yes, we’d been prepped at the beginning of our commercial relationship that the engagement would be an interim solution, or that our services were…

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Should you work with an agency that’s not local?

We have clients in all continents of the world as well as all over the UK. This means there are many clients we have never met in person and even the ones we have met work is largely undertaken remotely, rather than face to face. This blog explores the businesses that remote working works best…

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How to work with an outsourced marketing agency

So you’ve decided to outsource your marketing, chosen a partner and are excited to work together. What should you be doing as a client to get the most from this partnership? How to get the most value from your agency relationship To ensure that you get the best value from marketing, you need to give…

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When is it time for your SaaS business to use a marketing agency?

For small or startup SaaS companies, thinking about when to engage the services of a professional marketing agency can take them round and round in circles; you need help to get your product seen in order to generate more revenue, but you need funds coming in to meet the costs of hiring the people who…

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The power of words: getting the right copy that sells software

Whether it’s convincing new visitors to sign up to a free software trial, or using a series of onboarding emails to nudge users towards a subscription, using the right copy is key in explaining the core benefits of your product to new and existing customers. In fact, professional (or not so professional!) writing can have…

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How to research, source and pitch to the right media outlets for your SaaS business

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but when you’re looking for coverage for your SaaS business, there are a variety of ways to ensure that the publicity you receive is only of the best kind. With Xander Marketing’s tips for creating a targeted strategy to approach the most relevant media outlets, and…

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How do you make your SaaS business stand out?

Being noticed in a competitive market Standing out from the crowd can be a challenge for any business, but in the world of SaaS it’s tougher than most. Not only is the market highly competitive, with the number of companies rivalling your organisation growing practically by the week, to the end buyer it can often…

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[SlideShare] Should you outsource your SaaS marketing?

This SlideShare explores the case for outsourcing your SaaS marketing.    

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An agency that sells you marketing or one that partners for mutual success?

B2B services in a commoditised world In a commoditised world it’s easy to see business services as items that are simply bought and sold. When we consider outsourced B2B services, there is the danger of grouping everything together. When making decisions about whom to source these services from, you need to look at in terms…

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