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Maybe your next hire should be Employee X?

28th June 2019

Think about your next marketing hire

Sometimes, when you are trying to build market share for your SaaS product you need to think about your next hire. Quite often, in the early days of a SaaS venture, marketing gets pushed down the order of priorities, because there are umpteen other things that demand attention. However, at some point you are going to need to acquire marketing capability or expand your existing efforts through hiring.

Let’s call the target of your next hire Employee X. So, what does the job spec look like?

Quite often the requirements of the role might depend on where you are on the SasS growth maturity curve.

It could be your company is:

  • Quite advanced along the maturity curve – and looking to acquire specialised skills to complement your marketing team and help you push towards gravitational mass
  • An early stage company – and seeking a junior as an assistant to support your lonesome, short-handed marketing manager
  • A start-up – making your first marketing hire, probably a marketing manager and potentially a director-level individual

The impossible job spec of Employee X

The job spec for these types of people would be radically different. A specialist might need to wear anything from one to several of the tactical skills hats. Copywriting, SEO, PPC, web design, coding, content management, content creation, enterprise marketing systems, database management… we could go on, but you get the picture. Whatever their specialisms, they would need to be experts in their branches of marketing.

A junior would likely be a recent graduate marketer or hold a business qualification where marketing was a core module. They need to be hungry for success and able to act on their own initiative but able to recognise when not to exceed their authority. And to top it all, they would need to come with a large sprinkling of common sense, a smattering of diligence and the willingness to put work ahead of their social life! (We think that just about covers it…!)

A marketing manager/CMO is going to need top-notch high-level skills and mastery of strategy. If you are expecting this individual to execute the marketing plan as well, then having some command of the vast range of tactical level skills and techniques outlined above for the marketing specialist roles is essential (as well as budget for a decent salary).

Now just suppose you could locate and hire an Employee X that could fulfil any one of these roles? Combing all these requirements might sound like a bit of an impossible job spec.

Imagine life with Employee X on your marketing team…

Now look into my eyes… imagine the ideal employee that could do anything you required from a marketer? Visualise one that could turn its hand to any marketing project, worked far harder than any other single individual, worked faster and always produced accurate outputs to the highest quality standards?

When there’s a holiday or an unplanned absence, what if Employee X could step up and take up the slack? Suppose there was no need to directly manage? And how about if they didn’t skive off when the mood takes them, or have a tendency to take extended lunches ad-hoc, because they forgot the time?

And what if Employee X could step up or step back as required, adapting to changing needs as you grow or alter the balance of your team to suit the needs of the business?

Hire Employee X today… simply partner with Xander Marketing

1-2-3… You are back in the room! Employee X is not actually one single individual, but a team of experts with full-service capability across the entire remit of marketing, from high level strategy and tactical execution to bare-metal technical and low-level admin.

SaaS companies like yours choose to hire Employee X by partnering with us because it just makes good business sense. The cost of employing, managing and resourcing office space and equipment for employees, contractors or temps is money that could be better spent in other ways. For less than the annual cost of a mid-level solo marketer, SaaS businesses get the expert resources of an entire marketing agency.

From faultless tactical execution to outstanding creative and design we concentrate on helping your SaaS product standout. And with flexible content creation for websites, content marketing and more, we help SaaS companies succeed. We deliver marketing results, providing value from your marketing budgets. If you’re ready to hire Employee X, our team would be only too pleased to help you shape and achieve your marketing objectives.

Get started by booking a free marketing consultation today.

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