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How to research, source and pitch to the right media outlets for your SaaS business

22nd June 2016

icon-megaphoneThey say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but when you’re looking for coverage for your SaaS business, there are a variety of ways to ensure that the publicity you receive is only of the best kind. With Xander Marketing’s tips for creating a targeted strategy to approach the most relevant media outlets, and knowing what to do once you’ve found them, you’ll be able to make sure your business is being talked about for all the right reasons. 

Trade press

The quickest route to coverage can often be with publications targeted at your specific industry, whether that be software and technology outlets looking to cover the launch of your product, or a magazine aimed towards your target market. By researching highly relevant media outlets, you’re already increasing the likelihood that there will be interest in your brand or story, because it’s appropriate to the existing content and readership.

Local press

Don’t underestimate the importance of local press when looking for coverage. Perhaps you’re creating jobs in the area, there’s an interesting tale as to how the business was founded or you’re having a launch party or event nearby… get to know your local journos and keep them onside.

Quick tip: whatever press outlet you’re approaching, having a regular stream of up to date and informative press releases to hand will ensure that you’ve always got a story ready to go. Outsourcing to a professional copywriter or marketing agency will allow you to follow a calendar of high quality content to be sent out. 

Submission guidelines

Before approaching a publication with your story, always check for submission guidelines. Many magazines will give detailed instructions on the type of content they accept, and how it should be written and sent it, and blogs will often state whether they accept guest posts or paid contributions and how to apply. Ignoring these pre-defined procedures could actively damage your chances of being featured.

Check editorial calendars, often found in the advertising kit, to see which specific topics are being written about in each issue and where your story may best fit.

What’s the story…?

Always consider how newsworthy your story actually is before pitching it to the media. Is it topical? Is it fun? Are you breaking new technological ground? Whichever angle you’re going for, outline why it’s right for the specific outlet you’re contacting in your pitch, and if possible, mention a particular section or feature it would be right for. 

Quick tip: when looking for websites or blogs to place your content, always check the domain authority. This will allow you to predict the kind of reach your piece will receive, and the value of entering into any paid agreements.


To understand who’s writing about what, follow journalists, bloggers and influencers in your industry, and the wider press, on social media outlets, and start a database of their names, Twitter handles and professional contact details. Sign up to services that put out notifications when journalists are looking for quotes or interviews for a story for quick press wins. 

Get yourself seen with Xander Marketing

Outsourcing your PR is a common and highly efficient way to generate professional press coverage. To find out how Xander Marketing is building communication strategies for SaaS businesses such as yours, get in touch.

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