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15th April 2015

B2B services in a commoditised world

In a commoditised world it’s easy to see business services as items that are simply bought and sold. When we consider outsourced B2B services, there is the danger of grouping everything together. When making decisions about whom to source these services from, you need to look at in terms of the value that each one provides to your business.

Commoditised marketing at the price you want to pay…

When selecting providers of marketing services, it is vital that the relative value of different service providers is considered. Many marketing agencies see what they do as commoditised. They sell on price, not quality and focus their efforts on persuading, convincing and offering great deals. Unfortunately, this means many customer businesses get what they want in terms of price, but not what they need in terms of marketing!

If you want to be sold to, there are plenty of agencies that oblige. If you need to be talked into doing marketing, again many have the sales people to do that. The best value B2B services are obtained through successful long-term relationships where both parties flourish and succeed. They are not casual encounters agreed during an eyeball over a quick drink.

…or the marketing expertise you need from Xander Marketing

Xander Marketing takes a consultative approach. We use our expertise to determine if there is a good fit between us and the business we are talking too. We work as a partner, a trusted advisor, a marketing expert to our clients.

Our website outlines what we do in detail, who we do it for and the niche we target. Our team are all experts in SaaS marketing and we continue to build this expertise every day through working with our clients and refining our thought leadership in this space. We find that increasing numbers of our clients are ‘sold’ on us before they even begin talking with us.

We start our conversations with our clients from a different place. Typically this place is how we are able to help you meet your objectives, proposing is the best strategy for your business and the kind of results you might expect if we do this for you.

So if you are looking for a true partner for your business, get in touch with an expert team that has your best interests at heart. Our services may or may not be the right solution for your business. Together we can find out if there is a good fit and if we can succeed together.

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