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How to work with an outsourced marketing agency

24th July 2017

digital_marketingSo you’ve decided to outsource your marketing, chosen a partner and are excited to work together. What should you be doing as a client to get the most from this partnership?

How to get the most value from your agency relationship

To ensure that you get the best value from marketing, you need to give your marketing partner the best opportunity to provide it. It’s useful to remember the following points:

  • Select an agency that is right for your business. Marketing strategy and tactics should be based on your organisation’s unique needs – not driven by your marketing agency’s specific expertise. See what results they have achieved and read case studies of their relationships with businesses similar to your own.
  • Once you are happy with your choice of marketing partner, let them help you and trust their advice.
  • Trust in your marketing partner’s knowledge. Don’t let internal differences between decision makers in your business come between you and good advice. Let the professional marketers guide you.
  • Take your own advice. When you are invited to provide a professional opinion, you expect your customers to listen and, if necessary, act upon it. How many times have you thought “I am giving you sound advice. Why aren’t you following it?”
  • Use their expertise. If you have resource in house use the agency in a way that gets most value for you. If your in-house marketing people aren’t natural copywriters then don’t ask them to write content, outsource this part and focus on what you can do well internally
  • Don’t be discouraged by a few bad results. Results often don’t meet expectations, especially for those that are commissioning marketing services for the first time; it’s a long game that delivers over time.
  • If results are good, ask them to deliver more. If results are bad ask them to change the approach or come up with new ideas. If it’s lots of excuses, deaf ears, or evasiveness, it’s time to change your marketing partner…

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