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Why inbound marketing is so much more effective than outbound marketing

19th June 2013

First some quick descriptions:

  • Outbound marketing is usually a mixture of email marketing, direct mail and telemarketing, targeting potential customers
  • Inbound marketing is about attracting customers to you –  through marketing that drives traffic to your website and then builds on that interest via channels such as social media and email marketing

The problems with outbound marketing

With outbound marketing  you are interrupting people –  with a phone call, email or letter. Now you do need to get your message out, so outbound marketing does have its place, but it’s very hard to find an interested, motivated buyer this way.

Yes, there are some out there, and outbound marketing works on the principle that if you reach enough people someone should be interested. However the problem is that a lot of those people are only half –interested. What you’re offering sounds good, they want a free consultation or want to find out more, but aren’t always ready to buy at the moment.

Why inbound marketing gets motivated leads and customers

When someone has a need they will look around for a product or service which can fulfil that need.  They may start on Google, ask others for recommendations or see what they can find on social media. They’ll probably start looking at various websites to see whether those particular companies can meet their need. The best websites don’t just describe products and services, they also provide useful content which helps the buyer decide what they need.

If someone is ready to buy, or to discuss things further they will get in touch. However if they aren’t interested right now they may sign up to a newsletter or give their details in exchange for some free content. Your email autoresponder campaigns can then drip feed them emails until they are ready to buy.

It quite simply comes down to this

When you get a lead through your website it is usually BANT qualified – a lead from someone with a Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale. They’re getting in touch because they have a problem and they believe your business can solve that problem.

Leads from outbound marketing tend to be only partly BANT qualified – and  so are much more difficult to convert into actual sales.

Inbound marketing is at the heart of our philosophy at Xander Marketing. We have supported many companies in the transition from an outbound to inbound marketing approach . This approach generates great leads which in turn convert to customers. Get in touch to find out more.

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