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What you need to know about SlideShare

30th April 2013

If 2012 was the year of Pinterest in the social media world, 2013 is becoming the year of SlideShare. If you’re marketing to a B2B audience, you should seriously consider using SlideShare as part of your marketing mix.

What is SlideShare?

SlideShare is like a ‘YouTube for slideshows’. You can upload any presentation or document to the website.

The website gets over 60 million unique visitors and 120 million page views a month, and is owned by the biggest social network for businesses – LinkedIn – so it’s a great place to share your content and be discovered.

As with YouTube, presentations can be embedded into your own website and other social media.

Why do people use SlideShare?

  • Traffic: With over 60 million unique visitors, SlideShare is great channel for driving traffic to your website
  • Audience: It has an established business audience
  • Sharing: You can share SlideShare presentations on your website, in social media and elsewhere
  • Capture leads: Advanced features allow you to capture leads via built in forms

The content of your SlideShare presentation

You may already have a presentation that you’ve given at a conference or to clients. Alternatively, you may want to turn some existing content (a white paper for example) into a presentation. Here are some tips:

  • Have a great title slide…think of it like a poster for a movie
  • The best presentations are usually image heavy, and can be flicked through quickly, telling a story or emphasising a point
  • Use a mix of strong, bold colours and large text to capture attention
  • Along with images, other visuals such as charts and graphs work well in SlideShare
  • There is no perfect size. Sometimes a small, succinct presentation will do the trick, other times a longer presentation (60+ slides) will be needed. Just keep the content relevant, though!
  • Include a call to action on the last slide
  • You can tag and add descriptions of your content, so take this opportunity to use the best keywords for SEO in your descriptions

If you’d like help with getting started on SlideShare or with your next presentation, get in touch.


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