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Why Santa’s marketing is better than yours

1st December 2017

He knows his market

Santa not only knows his market (children all over the world) but he knows if they’ve been good or bad. He can therefore target by behaviour – good children get presents, bad ones don’t. Do you have this information on your customers?

His brand is consistent

Generation after generation have been exposed to one brand, one message, and the same powerful imagery. Santa always wears red. Red signifies Christmas. It always has over the years; Santa hasn’t re-branded or tried to position himself as something different. Is your branding consistent and based on a promise?

He stands out

Across a sea of people you will spot Santa. On a night sky you will spot Santa. In an advert you will spot him. He stands out, he doesn’t blend in and with a red-nosed reindeer he’ll stand out even when it’s dark. How does your organisation stand out?

He gives before receiving

Santa doesn’t ask for anything first. He gives before he receives. This giving builds up trust, keeps people engaged and keeps people wanting more. What do you ‘give’ before asking to ‘receive’?

His marketing is everywhere

Everywhere you go in December you see Santa. People dressed as Santa, adverts with Santa in, he’s on TV, the radio, the internet and books. Where is your marketing?

People spread the word

Santa doesn’t tell people about himself. Parents tell children. Children tell their children. People buy Santa hats to spread the word. This is viral marketing at its finest. Do your customers spread the word? Do you give them the stories to spread?

He gets more people contacting him than you do

Santa doesn’t cold call, write letters or send emails. Instead people come to him, they write to him and nowadays even email him. People want Santa’s products and will go out of the way to make sure they get them. How many people contact you? What’s the ratio of people you contact vs people who come to you?

So, this Christmas time, learn some lessons from someone who has consistently done what they’ve always done no matter how marketing and business has changed.

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