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Four essentials when starting your marketing

2nd July 2013

We’re often asked questions such as “Where do I start with my marketing, and what are the priorities?” Whilst every business is different, if you follow the four tips below you’ll be off to a great start:

1. Build a good website where it’s easy for people to both find out what you do, and to contact you

Too many websites are stagnant, poorly designed or don’t have easy to follow, clear contact information.

Commission a well-designed website, and either write, or get a copywriter to write, some engaging copy for it. At the beginning, all you need is to tell people what your services or products are, why you are different from or better then others, and make sure it is easy for people to contact you.

2. Get traffic to your website

So you’ve got your website –  now you need to get traffic to it. This may be through search engines – optimising your website (via search engine optimisation) or by buying Pay Per Click ads and advertising on search engines.

It could also be through social media, advertising, PR, email marketing and a range of other activity.

3. Send out regular emails, e.g. a newsletter

You need to communicate with current customers, prospective customers and anyone that has shown an interest in your business. This may be by something as simple as a monthly newsletter… it’s amazing the feedback you get when you start regularly communicating with people.

You can extend this to emails that send out free content on a weekly, or even daily, basis. You could send autoresponder emails to people who fill out a form on your website.

4. Write content that makes you different – this could simply be a blog

You’ve probably heard the buzzwords ‘content marketing’. This involves producing informative content and positioning your business as an authority in its field. Every business owner has interesting stories to tell, industry news to comment on and interpret, and tips to give away.

This could be done simply through a blog on your website, or you could produce white papers or eBooks. You could also consider using other media such as  videos, presentations, podcasts, infographics etc.

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