Don’t let churn undermine efforts to scale your SaaS business

Like other companies and not like other companies… In many ways, SaaS businesses are just like any other. And when it comes to growth, online software companies need to pay attention to the same things as the others. Some of the things that may hamper efforts to upscale any type of business venture includes hiring…

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Will 2018 be a major turning point in marketing?

The last 60 years in marketing in less than 200 words! From the birth of modern advertising and marketing on 1950s Madison Avenue, right through to the early 90s, visual media campaigning existed chiefly on TV and offline. Big brands used TV and press and billboard advertising, local traders and services used the Yellow Pages…

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Why should my SaaS business use chatbots?

Have you ever visited a website and used their chat service online? They’re a really handy tool if you need further information quickly, or you just don’t want to pick up your phone there and then. Their uses aren’t just for convenience either – they’re also a great tool for users who have problems such…

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Why you should be using retargeting for your SaaS business

Have you ever visited a website, browsed around and then left, to only then visit another website and see a banner advert for the item you were just looking at? You might think you’re being stalked by the previous website, but what is actually happening is retargeting. What exactly is retargeting? Retargeting lets you target…

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Mobile first for SaaS businesses

So far in 2018, 52.2% of search traffic came from a mobile. For the past two years Google has been experimenting in making its mobile-first search index. The aim being that eventually its algorithm will primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, and also show snippets from…

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How much does an in-house marketing team cost?

We’ve discussed on this website in a lot of detail the pros and cons of outsourcing your marketing vs employing someone in-house. The bottom line is employing one person won’t cut it as there are so many different skills required in marketing. So, if you do decide to take your marketing in-house, and realise no…

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Great, someone’s booked a demo for our SaaS product

Ping! Another lead comes in. Someone wants a demo of your product. Job done! Or is it? As you know a demo is only the start of the sales process. Your first challenge is to actually get the demo booked and in the diary, then you have to ensure someone turns up, and only then…

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How to have a marketing team of 10 for your SaaS business when you only have the budget for one person

Making the marketing numbers work The Forbes Cloud 100 list features the 100 ‘hottest private tech companies in cloud computing’. Figuring that marketing was an important factor that determined their presence on the list, Drift decided to analyse what these 100 firms were doing. The report ‘Marketing Lessons From the Top 100 SaaS Companies’ studied…

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How should you set up your SaaS PPC campaigns for success?

Pay Per Click for your SaaS business is more than just setting up a simple AdWords campaign and letting it run. Firstly, there are a lot more networks than AdWords and secondly, most people won’t convert on their first visit to a site. So how do we approach PPC campaigns for our SaaS clients? Whilst…

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Marketing lessons from SaaStock17

I had the pleasure of attending SaaStock17 in Dublin last week alongside 1,500 other members of the SaaS community. In between the Guinness, networking and parties there were a number of insights and lessoned I learnt from a marketing perspective: There are three typical stages of a SaaS business, and marketing tactics and a marketing team…

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