Mobile first for SaaS businesses

So far in 2018, 52.2% of search traffic came from a mobile. For the past two years Google has been experimenting in making its mobile-first search index. The aim being that eventually its algorithm will primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, and also show snippets from…

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Should you build your SaaS product website in HubSpot or WordPress?

We build a lot of websites at Xander Marketing, and one question we’re often asked by clients is which platform is best for creating their website – HubSpot or WordPress? While both softwares have their merits, there are some distinct differences between the two. It’s important to understand what these differences are, and how it…

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The site that SaaS built: Why websites from Xander Marketing are so easy to manage

As a software vendor, you rely on your professional website to showcase your technological expertise, promoting your products in a way that shows you mean business. But however well it performs as a shop window for your visitors, your website also needs to function well behind the scenes, being both easy to maintain and update…

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Why work with a marketing company to design your website

Investing in a new website for your business means investing time, resources, and money in a project that needs to deliver results. It also means establishing working relationships with the right people to ensure you end up with a website that performs effectively. As is often the case, many businesses decide that working solely with…

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5 ways to improve your SaaS pricing page

The pricing page on your SaaS website represents a key component to securing a sale, providing customers with a clear overview of what any investment provides. Yet, poor design and poor optimisation means you run the risk of scaring off potential leads. It may not be that your pricing strategy that is the issue, but…

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Harness the Power of Images

Most of us tend to have shorter and shorter attention spans the busier we become, therefore (unsurprisingly) looking at a captivating image beats reading large amounts of text hands down. It is also believed that the human brain can correctly identify images seen in as little as 100 milliseconds. So with that much brain power…

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30 Call to Actions to test on your SaaS website

Do you think you’re just limited to Free Trial or Book Demo as call to actions (CTAs) to test on your SaaS website? Think again, here are 30 to get you started with: Free Trial Book Demo Try it now Give us a call Request a call back Call sales Talk to us Free consultation…

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7 elements to split test on your SaaS website

The website is the marketing hub of a SaaS business, for many it’s their lead generation tool, for some it’s their only sales tool. It’s therefore essential your website has as high a conversion rate as it possibly can. Split-testing your SaaS website is a great way to increase conversion rates; small incremental improvements can…

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Understanding Google Analytics

Most business owners already know that Google Analytics is a tool used by businesses to better understand how visitors are using their websites. Is an amazing tool, however it is often under utilised by businesses. Are you using Google Analytics to it’s full potential? Used efficiently, Google Analytics can tell you what is driving visitors to…

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9 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Are you suffering from a low conversion rate? Never fear, Xander Marketing has compiled 9 quick tips you can implement with ease to banish a high bounce rate. 1. Add forms to your homepage On SaaS, make sure visitors can convert as soon as they’re convinced of your service. Make sure there is clear, easy…

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