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Why work with a marketing company to design your website

14th December 2015

16389739412_0828ddb676_o (2)Investing in a new website for your business means investing time, resources, and money in a project that needs to deliver results. It also means establishing working relationships with the right people to ensure you end up with a website that performs effectively. As is often the case, many businesses decide that working solely with a website design agency is the solution to completing such a project. And, to an extent, they’re correct. But working with a marketing company during the website design phase can be equally important, if not better. Here’s why…

Identify the right people

Harnessing the skills and talents of the right team of professionals is fundamental to the delivery of an effective website. Aside from including graphic designers and web developers, it’s key that this team includes the skills of experienced marketing strategists and professionals who will help identify how marketing fits into the bigger picture of website design. As such, you should aim to work with:

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Marketing strategists
  • Search engine optimisation specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Usability experts

Unlike the graphic design and build stages, marketing continues long after the initial build, and requires a comprehensive strategy in order to perform. As such, being clear on how your website fits into the overall marketing strategy is essential. What’s more, optimising the site and integrating online activity with the wider marketing strategy of the business are key to successfully reaching the target audience of your business.

How the roles interact

When we look at the roles involved in designing your new website, it’s easy to see where they overlap and where they complement one other. For example, a usability expert, web developer, and graphic designer should all work in tandem to identify how the intricacies of design – use of images, fonts, call-to-action placement, colours, etc. – engage with users on a level that promotes interaction, and how the customer journey is navigated successfully and with the utmost ease.

The SEO specialists and copywriters, meanwhile, should aim to complement one another’s work, with the former identifying the key search terms and content areas required, and the latter taking the time to carefully craft the copy and sales messages that help drive traffic and conversions.

Overseeing all this activity, of course, will be the marketing strategists, whose knowledge of reaching target audiences, customer and competitor analysis, and development of effective marketing plans all feed into the design of your website. Having the correct input to ensure engagement with the right audience through the right channel can only be achieved by adopting marketing advice at the design stage.

Without consultation during this phase of the website build, the potential for ending up with a great-looking website that cannot perform is all-too real and common. Instead, a symbiotic relationship between design, usability, and marketing is essential to the development of a website that looks and feels perfect for your product and your brand, and which will deliver a user experience that achieves the goals of your business.

Finding a marketing company you can trust

Xander Marketing specialises in providing marketing expertise to SaaS businesses, with the ability to consult on effective website design among our services. For your free one-hour consultation or to discuss how we can help tailor the design of your website to ensure effective marketing activity, contact us today on +44 (0)330 223 2770.

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