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The site that SaaS built: Why websites from Xander Marketing are so easy to manage

20th March 2017

icon-responsiveAs a software vendor, you rely on your professional website to showcase your technological expertise, promoting your products in a way that shows you mean business. But however well it performs as a shop window for your visitors, your website also needs to function well behind the scenes, being both easy to maintain and update for you, its owner. Which is where a website with built-in CMS (Content Management System) comes in.

You might think that if you’ve seen one CMS you’ve seen them all, but here at Xander Marketing, we produce attractive websites that you can manage and update yourself, in ways you won’t have experienced before.

We know website design

Having designed a wide array of websites for SaaS businesses, we know what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to conversions.  We know that a good SaaS website features a simple but focused user-journey and key conversion points on the front-end, with robust and reliable infrastructure behind the scenes to facilitate it. In fact, it’s these bits that you can’t see that really sets our expertise apart.

Content that you’re in control of

The SaaS business websites produced by Xander Marketing are built on a fully scalable WordPress platform, with an admin area specifically tailored to your needs. With our sites, you can be confident that you:

  • Won’t ‘break’ your site when updating it
  • Find it easy to amend, add or update content whenever you need to
  • Can quickly add a blog post or new page in a hurry

We break the content of your website down into categories such as testimonials, case studies, features, services, and white papers. Each content type has a slightly different screen to edit or add the content, with a dedicated field for each content element, such as title, sub title or form description. This makes it easy for you to locate the content you want to change, or add the content in the right place for it to look its best on the front-end of your website.


By giving you what we like to call “simple, guided control” of your website, we can ensure that the user-journey and conversion rate aren’t affected, no matter who is required to make a change to a page.


Scalable and future-proof WordPress websites

At Xander Marketing, we build growth-driven websites that are easy to manage, and that enable any staff member of your SaaS company to change any element of your website’s content if required. As your business expands, our websites are easy to scale, with it being simple to add new pages, insert new areas, and undertake conversion rate optimisation.

Put your SaaS website on the digital map with Xander Marketing

Xander Marketing designs, builds and produces content for SaaS business websites around the globe, complete with comprehensive levels of back-end management. For details of our affordable and competitive rates, see our sample packages, or view examples from our web design portfolio to see how we’ve helped other SaaS businesses just like yours.

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