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Why we’re not a HubSpot partner

1st August 2017

We’re often asked the question: ‘Are you a HubSpot partner?’ so we thought we’d write a quick blog to answer the question.

The short answer is ‘no’. Read on for the longer answer…

HubSpot is a great tool

Firstly HubSpot is a great tool for the right business. We have set up and use HubSpot for a number of clients. They are a nice company to deal with and they put out a lot of helpful content out via their blogs and guides.

Every company is different

After working with hundreds of clients since 2009 the clear lesson is no company is the same. Some are similar, some are very different.

So naturally with a software took like HubSpot – some companies are right for HubSpot, and some aren’t.

If we were strictly an ‘inbound marketing’ agency and always used HubSpot we would either have to turn down work when there’s not a fit or just have a ‘one size fits all’ solution. HubSpot does have a generous commission structure for partners so from a sales perspective it’s clear to see why an agency would want to sell it (whether it’s right for a client or not).

Clients need flexibility

There are a number of reasons why HubSpot may not be the right fit for a customer:

  • They have an outbound approach to marketing
  • They are already using a competing product so would be a big job to move over
  • They are not ready for marketing automation software
  • They don’t have the budget for HubSpot

So what’s our approach?

Our approach is to do what’s best for our clients. If we think HubSpot is the right tool for a client we will recommend it. But it’s not the only option and if we think a different tool is better for them we’ll recommend that. Not being tied to any software vendors makes our advice and recommendations independent and unbiased.

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