5 quick ways you may not have thought of to generate leads for your SaaS business

Leads are the lifeblood of a SaaS business. With that in mind SaaS businesses are always exploring new ways to generate leads. Here are 5 tactics you may not have thought of that can be undertaken fairly quickly, with a limited budget to get your lead pipeline flowing. 1. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail LinkedIn Sponsored InMail…

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Are you ready for marketing automation?

If you’re looking at how to market your SaaS product more effectively, it’s likely you will have considered investing in a marketing automation software platform such as HubSpot, Marketo or Pardot. At Xander Marketing, we know first-hand the benefits of marketing automation software, having used a variety of technologies for many of our clients. Done…

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How to write a Capterra review that gets people clicking

In the modern online world, peer reviews are essential to lead generation. More and more, both consumers and businesses are seeking out user reviews before investing in products and services. For businesses offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, websites such as Capterra and GetApp can prove to be a valuable source of lead generation. But, with thousands…

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6 steps to increase your free trial to paid customer conversion rate

Online marketing often focuses on the generation of traffic and the conversion of visitors into leads. But what should you be doing when looking to convert a free trial signup into a paid customer? This is where optimisation of your customer onboarding process becomes all-important. At Xander Marketing, we know precisely what it takes to…

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10 steps to writing a great lead generation marketing email

Email marketing is nothing new; however when it comes to writing an email to generate leads, despite all the research, businesses still get it wrong. So how do you make sure it’s your email that’s read and not sent to the trash file without even being opened? Lead generation email marketing is sending an email…

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Group buying for B2B businesses

Whilst in previous blog posts we’ve covered group buying for consumer businesses, namely Groupon and rivals like Living Social and KGB deals, also emerging in 2011 and gaining popularity in 2012 is group buying sites for businesses. Huddlebuy is the biggest group buying site in the UK and is for ‘entrepreneurs, freelancers and managers’. It…

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The good, the bad and the ugly of generating leads through email marketing

Many businesses have tried or thought of generating leads through email marketing, but only some get it right. Here we look at three different approaches – the good, the bad and the ugly: The good Emails that work best to your own databases or third party lists look like an email you’d send a colleague,…

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10 ways Professional Service companies can increase their profits through marketing

Marketing a professional services company can often be something you have lots of enthusiasm for but is low on the priority list. However the new business you can win through executing a marketing strategy can pay off many times over and ensure you have business coming to you, rather than you going out and finding…

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Saas Marketing: 10 marketing strategies to help SaaS providers improve engagement, data capture and conversion

Marketing a Software as a Service (SaaS) application has its own set of rules. Our new guide based on experience of marketing a number of SaaS companies contains cutting edge information on: How to instantly increase conversions on your website and ideas for content Why your prospects need to be nurtured and how you can…

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Email marketing software – how to choose a system for you

If you’re reading this you’re probably already in the market for email marketing software and know there are many providers to choose from (with new providers popping up every week). So how do you go about choosing the best one for you? Hopefully our short guide will provide you with a starting point: Where is…

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