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5 quick ways you may not have thought of to generate leads for your SaaS business

9th August 2017

Leads are the lifeblood of a SaaS business. With that in mind SaaS businesses are always exploring new ways to generate leads. Here are 5 tactics you may not have thought of that can be undertaken fairly quickly, with a limited budget to get your lead pipeline flowing.

1. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail allows advertisers to send an email right into the LinkedIn message inbox of any active member of the network. Like other advertising on LinkedIn this can be defined by who you want to receive that email via all of the demographics available on LinkedIn. You only pay when someone opens the email and full reporting is available.

2. Sponsoring Listings on Capterra

If you search for a software category on Google (like CRM) you are likely to see Capterra listed high up in the search engine results. In fact, there’s a good chance your business is listed on Capterra. However, like any list being higher up will get your SaaS product more exposure and clicks (and that doesn’t mean starting your product’s name with an A). How do you do this on Capterra? Simple – sponsor your listing. Capterra is a simple auction – the higher you pay per category the higher your business is listed. And you only pay when someone clicks. Clicks start from $2.

For many of our clients Capterra is a big source of lead generation.

3. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Another entry from LinkedIn. Rather than using ads to send people to a landing page or your website to generate a lead, with Lead Gen Forms you can capture contact info directly on LinkedIn, using the user’s up to date profile information. This reduces steps and friction and should generate you more leads.

4. Gmail ads – get your ads in people’s inboxes

Gmail ads are interactive ads at the top of Gmail user’s inboxes. When someone clicks a collapsed Gmail ad, it expands just like an email does. The expanded ad, which is the size of an email, can include images, video or embedded forms.

Ads can be targeted by Audiences (demographics, interests, website visitors, lookalikes etc) and also domain targeting (for example someone getting emails from business websites).

Like other Google Ads tools you only pay when someone clicks.

5. Run a webinar

A non-PPC entry. Webinars are still popular as the world becomes more virtual. The best webinars tend to be on a thought leadership/content led topic and then tie into your SaaS product. There are many software tools to run webinars on and they can be marketed through emails, your website, social, paid ads and more. Someone joining a webinar is a very engaged lead.

Start generating leads with Xander Marketing

If you need support with any of the above, or in fact any other marketing for your SaaS business get in touch.

Xander Marketing works in partnership with SaaS businesses around the world to support growth through new customer acquisition, increasing leads, generating more website traffic and raising industry awareness.  If you lack the time, resource or know how to undertake marketing then get in touch and book your free 30 minute consultation.

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