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How to write a Capterra review that gets people clicking

10th August 2015

In the modern online world, peer reviews are essential to lead generation. More and more, both consumers and businesses are seeking out user reviews before investing in products and services. For businesses offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, websites such as Capterra and GetApp can prove to be a valuable source of lead generation. But, with thousands of businesses present on such sites, how can your organisation stand out and get those all-important clicks?

Step one: Include the right information

When building a profile, it can be easy to assume that the more information you include the better. However, bombarding users with details that may not be relevant at this point in their journey will simply make them want to leave the page. Instead, give a brief description of the product, list the core product details and features, and provide screenshots or video content to help users look at the interface. This will give them some key at-a-glance information and encourage their interest in your product.

Step two: Select categories wisely

When creating your profile, you’ll be able to select categories that your product can be listed under. Ensure that you select all the categories that are relevant in order to give your business the best chance of appearing in the listings, and therefore found by users. In addition, some sites offer the functionality to filter by features, pricing, devices supported and so on, so it’s important to ensure you’ve covered everything that may help you be found in refined searches.

Step three: Use media

A long swathe of text never excited anybody, which is why presentation is key. Capterra makes this fairly easy, as it has an intuitive layout, but GetApp can become quite wordy. Use screenshots and video to do the explaining for you, thereby enabling you to keep descriptions and benefits simple. Bullet-pointed lists are easy to digest and compare and, if you’re planning to write paragraphs, split them out with subheadings.

Step four: Demos or trials

A great way to generate business from listings on sites like Capterra is to offer a free demo or trial where possible. A demo can whet the appetite of potential clients, showcasing the benefits of using your product, and may answer some of their questions. A trial is advantageous for both parties, enabling the user to get to grips with the products while giving you a chance to capture some data and follow up on leads. Including the option for one or both of these on your profile can generate confidence in your product and encourage conversion.

Step five: Encourage reviews

Asking your clients for reviews is commonplace and if your competitors are doing it, you should be too. If they’re not, it’s a great way for your business to get the edge. When a new client has been using your service for a set period, say three months, why not send them an email asking them to leave a review on Capterra or GetApp? Satisfied customers will be more than happy to leave a review and the more positive reviews you get, the more likely your profile will be clicked on above your competitors’.

Establishing a strategy to generate effective customer reviews is essential to the success of your SaaS business, encouraging greater conversions and providing reassurance to potential customers that your product delivers.

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