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Boost Lead Generation: Leveraging Precision Targeting and Personalisation with AI

12th February 2024


Do you have 5 minutes? You haven’t responded. Have you been eaten by a crocodile? So-and-so recommended I reach out… Using catchy subject lines to encourage engagement in email (or any other digital channel for that matter) is a tactic that many feel has run its course.

Outbound email marketing and outreach on other channels like LinkedIn, Facebook or WhatsApp is still an important part of the marcomms mix, and executed properly, it may work well, but it needs to be highly creative to keep attention.

The basic rules for creating effective lead-gen messages have not changed. Strong subject lines lift open rates. And, of course, there is personalisation, such as addressing the individual using their name and perhaps referring to their role, industry, or specific segment. Sharp, concise content needs to include one single call to action, guiding the reader toward your desired action without distraction.

AI’s Role in Enhancing Email Marketing

Using AI to craft emails has been an area of significant interest to marketers in 2023. As with any computing task, generating lead-gen content is only as good as what you put in. If you haven’t tried it already, prompting AI with examples and providing specific cues is sure to yield better results for your 2024 email marketing efforts.

For decades companies have been specifying criteria and buying prospect data from list brokers. Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) platforms, AKA mass mailers or ‘spam machines’ have then been used to manage outreach campaigns. These systems have incorporated ML (machine learning) algorithms to perform analytics on the interactions, and rules-based automation to run campaigns. Now and in 2024, further AI enhancement of this process will improve the performance of this type of lead generation.

Tools like ZoomInfo and provide real-time data that is far more accurate than conventional data acquired from traditional list brokers. Not only is it entirely up-to-date with address information, but it also contains intent data. Mapping Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) against such data coughs up prospects that more precisely match ideal customers, providing the potential to transform campaign results. Integration with Large Language Model (LLM) generative AI offers powerful content creation for SaaS marketers.

For 2024, the integration of buyer data and intent tools alongside generative AI platforms and CRM opens the door to a new level of targeting, personalisation, relevance, and speed of execution. The AI works with the intent data to create more highly personalised and relevant messaging tailored for each contact, making the targeting and conversion of qualified individuals truly precise. For businesses that invest in such solutions, response and conversion rates are likely to be transformed.

For practitioners of account-based marketing (ABM), these AI integrations strongly support the objective of marketers creating personalised messaging for target accounts, taking what they know about their customers and tailoring the messaging and creative assets of their communications to the customer’s specific attributes and needs.

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