Selecting your key terms in a post-Google Hummingbird age

The impact of Google’s largely well received Hummingbird Algorithm update was slight at first, with few online marketers registering any noticeable effect. However, as we settle into life post-Hummingbird, those in the know are noticing the nagging reach of this little bird stretching ever further. The main thrust of Hummingbird was an emphasis change from…

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Why SEO in 2013 is all about Pandas and Penguins and what you can do about it

If you’ve been following search engine optimisation reports recently you may have heard the words Panda and Penguin pop into conversation. No, we’re not talking about the black and white animals, rather Google’s code names for algorithm updates. Many websites have lost rankings overnight and don’t know why, others will have gained rankings. Here we…

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How do you make blog posts work harder for your business and SEO?

From Seth Godin (one of our favs) to Perez Hilton (not one of our favs) everyone loves to read a good blog, but when writing one for your business it’s not just making it entertaining and informative that’s important, you want to make it work for you in every way possible. Here are 5 ways…

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5 things to do to your website today to get better search engine rankings

In the ever-changing online world, keeping up with Google is the a key way to ensure your own success. It’s the most popular search engine, and appearing high in rankings for relevant search terms can lead to better traffic from organic searches. Here are five things you can do today to your website to improve your…

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Google Penguin – what the new updates mean for SEO

Previously, you may have considered penguins to be nothing more then our feathered friends from the Antarctic; peaceful and unassuming, they had no impact upon your business or its website rankings, until now that is. Penguin is the name adopted for a new algorithm rolled out by Google, intended to prevent websites from ‘spamming’ their…

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15 ways to build links to your website and get higher search engine rankings

There are two elements to getting high website rankings on Google: Onsite SEO…what you do to your website; this includes putting keywords in the right places and having good content Offsite SEO… this is primarily having links back (backlinks) to your website. Think of your website as a popularity contest… the more votes (backlinks) your…

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Search Engine Optimisation – 6 simple things SMEs can do today

Search Engine Optimisation is the buzzword for small business websites at the moment. Having your website ranked highly on search engines for your keywords is more important than ever. Here are 6 simple things you can do to your site today to start moving it up those search engines… Page titles – Many people say…

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