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4 SEO Lessons from Q1 2014

It’s been a busy first quarter here at Xander Marketing and we’re betting that March has come around faster than a bobsleigh at Sochi for you too. Amid all the hustle and bustle, there’s been a lot going on in… More >

Selecting your key terms in a post-Google Hummingbird age

The impact of Google’s largely well received Hummingbird Algorithm update was slight at first, with few online marketers registering any noticeable effect. However, as we settle into life post-Hummingbird, those in the know are noticing the nagging reach of this… More >

Google Penguin – what the new updates mean for SEO

Previously, you may have considered penguins to be nothing more then our feathered friends from the Antarctic; peaceful and unassuming, they had no impact upon your business or its website rankings, until now that is. Penguin is the name adopted… More >

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