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How do you make blog posts work harder for your business and SEO?

27th September 2012

From Seth Godin (one of our favs) to Perez Hilton (not one of our favs) everyone loves to read a good blog, but when writing one for your business it’s not just making it entertaining and informative that’s important, you want to make it work for you in every way possible.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your blog without your readers even noticing:

Long Tail Keywords

Write for long tail keywords (not every blog post), but some. These are keywords which aren’t competitive but have searches. One blog post should get a good ranking for that term. Use the Google Google Ads keyword tool to help with this.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Use keywords in the page title and blog post title. A blog meta title (up to 60 characters) should be provided as should a meta description (up to 160 characters). Titles are great for SEO. Descriptions are the black text you see in Google search results so help get conversions.

Call to Actions

Every blog should have a call to action. That could be contact us, download a white paper, watch a video or something else.


Blogs should have deep links in them. Quite simply these are hyperlinks to other pages on the site, including blogs. You should hyperlink keywords not instructions, so hyperlink the words themselves (like we did) rather than just ‘click here’.


Not really for SEO but using headings to break up text helps on blogs, especially when people skim read them. They all don’t need to do this but if it can this should be done.

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