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Top 5 Google ranking factors your SaaS website needs for 2022

2nd December 2021

Any updates to the Google algorithm for 2022 could have a major impact on your page rankings in SERP (search engine results page) so it’s always important to know what’s on the horizon.

Google is never so upfront as to give us a full heads-up on what’s to come but we can deduce key areas to pay attention to for 2022. Here’s the top 5 Google ranking factors to keep at the top of your toolbox in 2022.

1. Create content that’s the best answer for a query

Google’s no.1 focus is to provide the best service to its users so each update chisels away irrelevant content from SERP. 

Google’s Page Experience Update made this point clearer than ever, with tools such as BrainRank and MUM actively weeding out content that doesn’t make the grade.

Every piece of content on your site needs to be the best, most relevant answer to a specific search query. That means focused, comprehensive, up to date, authorative content with depth and breadth. The content you create will help to target all of your SaaS focused terms, so writing and publishing relevant content covering facts and features about your SaaS product is a great way to improve rankings.

2. Implement a keyword strategy that underpins the relevance of your content

Consider your keyword strategy evidence of the relevance and authority of your content.

Use a network of related technical keywords, including appropriate long-tail keywords, which mark out your content as a must-see answer, providing an impressive, all-inclusive solution to a specific query. 

3. Deliver a user experience which lives up to expectations

Ensure the overall experience of using your website isn’t a let down. Google doesn’t want to lead its users to websites which disappoint. 

With each update, Google’s purpose is to guarantee websites at the top of SERP are the best. That means page speeds remain a major priority with internal linking, site navigation and clean page design of importance.

Keep pages free from obstructions, such as large popups, and easy to navigate. Pay attention to internal linking which will keep your click through rate high. Websites which can sustain a users’ interest for longer periods, serve as evidence yours is a quality website Google should rank high.

Video content remains a focus which is no surprise when Ericsson reports stats such as video accounting for a whopping 66% of mobile traffic. Add video content where appropriate whilst taking advantage of video snippets which may be displayed on SERP.

4. Navigating your website should be easy

Easy navigation is a major element in every factor mentioned so ensure your website structure is simple for Google to crawl and for users to use. Check you have a sitemap and that URLs are unique, optimised for keywords, work and make sense. Your SaaS product will have gone through rigorous UX design to ensure users don’t get stuck along the journey, so why not take that same approach to your website too – especially for mobile devices.

5. Prove you are a trusted industry authority

This all adds up to proving you are a trusted, industry authority Google can depend on to deliver. 

Another goal of Google’s algorithm was demonstrated in its EAT update, a reminder to take advantage of any opportunity to prove your authority in the industry with awards on display, content included in employee bios, notable clients listed and more.

6. Help Google deliver results fast

Search statistics consistently show fast results are a priority for user satisfaction. Google is constantly making it easier for users to see the results they need on the SERP page.

That means snippets and meta descriptions are growing in prominence with regular improvements to how snippets are displayed so they’re a quick reference point. 

Ensure meta titles and descriptions are unique and engaging whilst creating content optimised for snippets.

7. Mobile is no longer a secondary player

Mobile use now outstrips desktop, with current findings from identifying 55.75% of website traffic generated on mobile phones rather than desktops. And the trend looks set to continue. 

So, it’s no surprise user experience on mobile is of growing significance to the Google algorithm.

Following the mobile-first update, the experience on the mobile version of your site must match exactly with that on the desktop version. Google is going as far as to check things like headings and the depth of content on both versions of your website, with rankings lowered for a diminished experience on mobile.

That means from information, to visual quality and page speeds, the mobile version of your site needs to be superb. 

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