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Why you should be using retargeting for your SaaS business

9th February 2018

Have you ever visited a website, browsed around and then left, to only then visit another website and see a banner advert for the item you were just looking at? You might think you’re being stalked by the previous website, but what is actually happening is retargeting.

What exactly is retargeting?

Retargeting lets you target the right people with the right ads and essentially converts window shoppers into buyers. When a user visits your website, a cookie is placed on their device which allows you to retarget them with display ads as they visit other websites.

Whilst the Google display network is best known for retargeting you can also do it on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Does it work?

Visitors to your website who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert or make an enquiry. Your adverts need to be creative with a clear call to action and where possible, promote an offer. You can even choose to target specific users on when they previously visited or took an action on your site within a set time frame.

List based retargeting is even more effective

You can also retarget specific users from your database. Say you have a list of users who previously tried your software on a 30-day free trial but didn’t go onto purchase –  you could target these users to encourage them to come back and purchase through list based retargeting.

Retargeting lists work in a similar way to display retargeting, however you’re only serving ads to those who have previously engaged with your business. It allows you to have more control and market to specific users and as you know those on your lists were previously interested, you could even make bid adjustments to ensure your ad is seen by them at different points.

Lists can also be used across social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, making them an effective way to target your potential customers.

Try retargeting with Xander Marketing 

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