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Navigating Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE): A Guide for SaaS Websites

6th May 2024

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) introduces a significant change in how search engines operate, emphasising comprehensive and personalised results. Whilst SGE is not a complete overhaul of traditional SEO, it does signal a gradual shift in focus that SaaS businesses should be aware of and prepare for.

Understanding SGE

SGE leverages AI to understand user intent better and provide more relevant search results. This could include generating summaries, answering questions directly, and creating visual content, although the exact capabilities of SGE in this regard are still uncertain.

The Impact on SaaS Websites

  • Content Focus: SGE will likely favour websites that offer problem-solving content and directly address user needs. SaaS businesses should prioritise creating content demonstrating how their solutions can help users overcome specific challenges.
  • Evolving SEO Landscape: While the fundamentals of SEO, such as high-quality content, well-built websites, and valuable backlinks, remain crucial, SGE may place a greater emphasis on structured data and content that is optimised for semantic search. This could include using FAQ schema, Article schema, Product schema, and other relevant structured data types.
  • Potential Traffic Changes: As SGE generates more direct answers and summaries on search results pages, some websites may experience a decrease in organic traffic for specific queries. However, websites that provide in-depth, high-quality content may actually see traffic gains as they become the sources from which SGE pulls its summaries.

Action Steps for SaaS Businesses

  • Prioritise User-Centric Content: Create content that addresses your target audience’s pain points and provides clear, actionable solutions. Use a variety of formats, such as blog posts, case studies, and tutorials, to showcase your product’s value.
  • Optimise for Semantic Search: Use natural language and long-tail keywords that align with how users search for solutions. Create content that answers common questions and provides comprehensive information related to your SaaS offering.
  • Implement Relevant Structured Data: Use schema markup and other structured data formats most relevant to your content, such as FAQ schema for question-based content, Article schema for blog posts, and Product schema for your SaaS solutions. This can help search engines better understand and showcase your content in SGE results.
  • Monitor and Adapt: Stay informed about SGE developments and be prepared to adjust your strategy as needed. Regularly review your website’s search performance and user engagement metrics to identify areas for improvement.

Measuring the Impact of SGE

To gauge how SGE affects your SaaS website’s performance, consider tracking the following metrics:

  • Click-Through Rates (CTR): Monitor changes in your website’s CTR from search results. Increased CTR could indicate that your content is featured more prominently in SGE results.
  • Organic Traffic: Monitor your website’s organic traffic for crucial pages and blog posts. If you notice significant changes, investigate whether they are related to SGE results.
  • Engagement Metrics: Analyse user engagement metrics, such as time on page, bounce rate, and conversion rates. If SGE is directing more qualified traffic to your website, you may see improvements in these metrics.

Embracing the Future of Search

Whilst Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) represents an important shift in the search landscape, it’s not a complete disruption of traditional SEO.

The core principles of creating high-quality content, building well-structured websites, and earning valuable backlinks remain crucial for SEO. By focusing on user-centric content, optimising for semantic search, implementing relevant structured data, and measuring the impact of SGE on your website’s performance, SaaS businesses can effectively navigate this evolving search environment and continue to drive organic traffic to their websites.

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