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Smart Idea 7: Build the right team

28th June 2016

Grow_whitepaperOur recently published white paper: 7 Smart Ideas to Grow your SaaS Business contains leading edge information on how to grow your SaaS business. Here we look at one of the ideas:

Smart Idea 7: Build the right team

To successfully grow your business at the same time as maintaining customer satisfaction, you need to employ a close knit team. This will consist of those controlling the back end of the company – the developers and technical personnel – and those at the front end, such as sales and marketing personnel.

In order to optimise productivity, these two parts of the company must work together closely and harmoniously which can sometimes be easier said than done!

Even within each faction there can be difficulties, particularly at the front end of the business. Creating a seamless marketing to sales transition is no easy feat and one that some organisations lack the resources to manage in-house.

In this scenario, we find that many businesses will turn to an expert partner for support; we work with a number of SaaS companies that outsource their marketing. Hiring someone in-house with specialist skills like web design, copywriting or digital marketing is a significant investment, yet outsourcing is a fraction of the cost and hassle – and often brings a new perspective to marketing activities. It’s also promotes the sharing of best practice across the business.

The key to securing SaaS growth with your team are regular reviews of your personnel and wider needs. It could be that your workforce has complementary skills that could be better utilised somewhere else in the business; a good customer service person could be a natural fit within the sales team, for instance. Only through experimentation will you perfect the role each plays in expanding your business.

It may also be that where you could once manage marketing internally, your ambitions for growth
outweigh your resources and capabilities. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to embrace outsourced

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