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How should you set up your SaaS PPC campaigns for success?

31st October 2017

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Pay Per Click for your SaaS business is more than just setting up a simple Google Ads campaign and letting it run. Firstly, there are a lot more networks than Google Ads and secondly, most people won’t convert on their first visit to a site.

So how do we approach PPC campaigns for our SaaS clients? Whilst every business is different here is a successful approach we’ve recently been using with a number of clients.

A 3 step approach to PPC

The approach involves looking at how we bring “new” people to a website, then how we deepen their “awareness” from an initial visit and then how we give them an “offer”.

This may look like:

1. Bringing New People 

(65% of budget)

  • A tight Google Ads campaign targeting the most relevant keywords at reasonable cost per clicks.
  • A LinkedIn Sponsored InMail campaign targeting specific job titles and company sizes.
  • A Facebook lookalike (similar profiles to people currently visiting the website) audience based on current site visitors.
  • A Capterra campaign targeting the most relevant categories.

2. Creating Deeper Awareness 

(20% of budget)

  • Google Ads remarketing to customer stories or a white paper/guide.
  • A LinkedIn post promotion campaign promoting customer stories or a white paper.
  • A Facebook remarketing campaign promoting customer stories or a white paper.

3. Making the Offer

(15% of budget)

  • A Google Ads RLSA (remarketing for search) to an audience created from step 2 on a wider set of keywords. This is a Google Ads feature that only shows ads to people that have previously visited the website when people are searching on Google.
  • LinkedIn InMail offer on audience from step 2.
  • Facebook offer ad on audience created from step 2.

Setting up and then optimising campaigns

The networks above may shift depending on the product and target market. A product in a well known category for example would naturally get searches on Google where one in a new category may be better suited to social media sites. LinkedIn may be a better fit for an enterprise SaaS product, and Facebook for a product aimed at SMBs.

Once the above is set up like any PPC campaign (and in fact any marketing) everything should be measured and then campaigns ad budgets optimised based on results. 

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