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More Marketing = Less Selling

29th March 2012

Running a business takes time and effort. You’ve got a product or service, and it’s important to get noticed, but your time can end up wasted if potential customers are coming to you for basic information. It’s best to educate your customers with effective marketing, so you don’t need to spend time selling.

The Difference between Selling and Marketing

Selling a product or service can be time-consuming. When you sell, you explain what you’re offering and you tell someone how it could benefit them. You need to tell someone that your light bulb could help them see in the dark, in order to make them want it.

Marketing is different. Marketing is like selling in advance. You provide the information people need, and by the time they come to buy a light bulb they already know exactly what it is, and how it can help them. Effective marketing can save time and effort. Instead of selling that bulb by talking someone through its purpose and its benefits, you just have to take their order when it’s time to buy.

What happens if I do marketing?

If you put effort into marketing your product, you’ll save yourself time in future. Conversion rates will increase, because your customers will be more educated and will know what you’re offering and how it can help them. You’ll end up with more leads, more people purchasing your product or service and a shorter overall sales cycle.

What happens if I don’t do marketing?

If you rely on selling instead of marketing, you’ll end up spending a lot of your time answering basic questions and telling people why they should buy what you offer. Instead of generating leads and taking orders, you’ll be talking people through exactly what your service or product can do for them.

Marketing vs. Selling

Marketing can save you time. Potential customers will know exactly what it is you’re asking them to buy, and they’re far more likely to buy quickly. Faster purchases will lead to healthier company profits, instead of time wasted selling.


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