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How to get more traffic to your B2B SaaS website using social media

18th March 2022

Social media has changed the game when it comes to marketing. And from a SaaS perspective, which largely orbits the online sphere, digital marketing via the channels of social media suits the digital efforts of B2B SaaS businesses perfectly.

If you’re wondering why social media is so important, simply think about yourself and the people around you that use social media every day. It facilitates connections at a relentless pace, which is something worth capitalising on when it comes to marketing. There are numerous ways to adopt this strategy, but here are our best tips on how to get more traffic to your website using social media.

1. Choosing relevant platforms

It’s incredibly important to choose social platforms that will best represent your B2B SaaS brand right from the start. If a platform doesn’t align with your company and its services, chances are it won’t help with enhancing your website traffic. Ideally, you should ensure that the social media you use to market your brand reflects the ethos of your company.

In other words, posts you share on platforms like Twitter or Instagram shouldn’t feel like a completely different user experience compared to what your target audience will engage with when visiting your site.

2. Evergreen, high-quality content

Keeping your social content exciting and fresh is by far one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to managing social media accounts, but it’s one worth paying attention to. Social content of an evergreen and quality nature will show potential business partners that your company (and by extension your services) are keeping up with the ever-evolving nature of the digital economy.

Potential business partners will be more inclined to check out a company’s site if there is insightful content across the company’s social platforms, as well as a clear understanding of new and emerging social media trends.

3. Interactivity and visual content

Visual and interactive content promises greater engagement with (and interest) in your SaaS brand. Statistically, posts without graphics receive the least engagement and lowest click-to-site ratios. This means that if you haven’t already considered adding graphics to your social content like short videos, GIFs, and images with text, you absolutely should.

Social media consumers prefer receiving information in these formats as opposed to bland images and lengthy captions. Heighten the interactivity of your social content as well by making posts with polls, quizzes, or puzzles.

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4. Collaborate

Collaborate with other online personalities (whether they are thought leaders, partner companies, or influencers) to lead more traffic to your website from audiences that are separate to your own social following.

Instagram makes collaborations super easy with its Collabs feature – ​​a new way to co-author Feed posts and Reels that was launched in October 2021.

Plus, to take collaborations a step further and scale brand awareness, consider creating an ambassador programme where people can sign up to promote your brand online in exchange for rewards.

5. Don’t forget your URL

Include your website URL wherever you can throughout enticing social posts, so that your target audience has to visit your site to learn more or further engage with your content (it’s all about piquing interest with teaser posts). With Instagram it’s a little trickier, because you can’t post links and you only get to include one link in your profile.

But with a tool like Tap Bio, you could include a link in your Instagram bio that opens a ‘mini’ version of your site with clickable cards that users can scroll through and select based on what they’d like to read more about. This is really helpful for businesses using Instagram as a way to market their blog or resource library.

6. Smart repetition

Don’t be afraid to reshare older posts, but remember to do it mindfully. Analyse the data from your social media engagement to see at what times your engagement levels rise, and use this information to optimise repetition within your sharing schedule.

This will enable you to repurpose or reshare content in a way that isn’t like spam, so that you can attain more unique views that ultimately leads to more unique site visits.

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7. Talk to your audience

Be responsive to online queries and use the comments section of your posts or videos as an additional opportunity to drive more people to your site. You could even link your URL in the comments and replies you leave.

However, be mindful of the UX on platforms like Instagram where URLs are not clickable in the comments and could cause more frustration for users. In these instances, you’re better off leaving a quick comment like “We’ve DM’d you” and then sending the link in your direct chat.

Pay attention to the greater analytics of your social content so that you can see what people respond to and what simply doesn’t work. This is one of the pivotal ways you can learn more about your target audience’s social behaviour, which will inevitably help you create evergreen teaser content that will drive more users to your site.

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