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The Difference Between SaaS Marketing and other Marketing

26th February 2015

SaaS solutions challenge the most experienced marketing professionals. While many of the strategies used to market software-as-a-service mirror those used in other forms of online (and offline) marketing, elements such as value proposition, target audience expectations, customer service, and information delivery are markedly different. These unique considerations require a unique marketing strategy for SaaS solutions.

SaaS marketers must adopt a more comprehensive approach, considering how their image, sales cycle, customer service, and customer retention all impact their overall marketing strategy. Sounds too far-fetched? Read on and we’ll show you how to do SaaS marketing right.

When it comes to SaaS marketing…

It’s not just the product, but the company

Successful SaaS marketing professionals know that you must market more than the features of your latest product. In the fast-paced and rapidly-changing SaaS industry, there’s a strong chance that even if your product is completely new and innovative, your competition will quickly catch up to you. With SaaS products, customers consider whether your company will protect their sensitive data, provide reliable access to the software, and deliver additional support and services throughout the life of their purchase.

It’s about educating prospects and customers

With SaaS, every product is unique in some way. If your product isn’t the first of its kind on the market, there’s something that it can probably do better than its competitors, but your prospects and customers won’t understand the difference if you don’t tell them. The key element of your SaaS marketing strategy must be to inform your buyers on the specifications, features, and benefits that your product has to offer.

It’s about keeping the customers you have

Acquiring new customers is costly. Therefore, marketing to your existing clientele is critical to the success of your SaaS company. While it may seem like an additional cost at the outset, it is usually far less expensive to retain an existing customer than to get a new one. Engaging with disengaged customers, sending follow-up emails, and encouraging referrals from loyal brand ambassadors can help your clients feel appreciated and satisfied with their customer experience. Providing outstanding customer service helps to keep customers from going anywhere else.

It’s about more than the free trial

A free trial offer has become a standard practice in the SaaS industry. While it’s still a great feature to offer as part of your SaaS marketing strategy, it’s not the only factor that goes into a customer’s decision. Customers value benefits like easy updates, rapid deployment, and software flexibility. Instead of promoting a free trial, promote the benefits of your software.

Over to you

SaaS marketing is a challenge for even the most experienced marketing professionals. While it’s possible to handle the marketing in-house, it’s not easy, even if you have experience marketing other products.

If you are looking for a full service agency who knows all the ins and outs of marketing for SaaS businesses, Xander Marketing is here to help. To gather information to help you decide whether we might be a suitable marketing partner for your business simply call us today on +44 (0)330 223 2770 or request a free marketing consultation.

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