How much does an in-house marketing team cost?

We’ve discussed on this website in a lot of detail the pros and cons of outsourcing your marketing vs employing someone in-house. The bottom line is employing one person won’t cut it as there are so many different skills required in marketing. So, if you do decide to take your marketing in-house, and realise no…

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‘Insourcing’ your marketing – is it the answer?

As an agency, we are unlikely to be the first to get the call or email from a client saying: “We’re excited to say we’ve employed someone to do our marketing.” Yes, we’d been prepped at the beginning of our commercial relationship that the engagement would be an interim solution, or that our services were…

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Should you work with an agency that’s not local?

We have clients in all continents of the world as well as all over the UK. This means there are many clients we have never met in person and even the ones we have met work is largely undertaken remotely, rather than face to face. This blog explores the businesses that remote working works best…

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Who do you need in your SaaS marketing team?

The need for a marketing team A conventional approach to marketing is to recruit a marketing manager and expect the person to be able to use a range of skills to generate the leads for sales teams to follow up. In an ideal world this would be a solid approach. However, marketing is complex and…

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Marketing Outsourcing – should you outsource your marketing?

In today’s environment many businesses are downsizing, re-prioritising their focus or expanding whilst trying to keep costs to a minimum. Outsourcing is a cost effective way to fulfil certain business functions. Outsourcing has become an essential aspect of business strategies and this includes the marketing department. Outsourcing allows a business to put more focus on…

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The role of an outsider

Should you do marketing yourself or hire someone from outside to do it? Our recently published white paper, Should your outsource your marketing, explores this question in greater detail however there is one invaluable ingredient which is only available from an outsider. An ingredient called ignorance. In other words, objectivity. By not knowing what goes…

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New monthly marketing packages launched

This week we’ve launched our new monthly marketing packages. These packages offer three options for outsourcing your marketing and getting your very own marketing department. The activity, services and fees in each package depend on your needs, goals and budgets. The packages are designed to be flexible so you can also add additional services if…

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7 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

All businesses want more customers however it’s not always easy to keep on top of your marketing. It takes time, resource and know-how, and can require on-going training if you want to do it right. Rather than going it alone or hiring someone to do your marketing in house, here are seven reasons to outsource…

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How to work with an outsourced marketing partner

There is a mix of technical and communication disciplines that sit behind a well integrated marketing function. It’s highly specialised so it should surprise few that expertise is required to deliver them quickly and efficiently. Many small and mid-sized businesses choose to outsource to a marketing partner. You simply cannot do it all and it’s…

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Why keeping costs down stunts your business….

In the early days of a new business, it’s likely that the founder tries to be all things to all people. He’s the salesman, the manufacturer, the admin, driver, after-sales and the marketer – and the guy who has to make the teas. The most common reason for this is to keep costs down at…

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