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6 must-have marketing strategies to launch a new SaaS product in 2022

22nd April 2022

When you enter the SaaS space with a new product, the market will very likely already be saturated by companies or products that offer something similar. This doesn’t necessarily mean that what they offer is better, but it is up to your marketing strategies to ensure that your product doesn’t drown in that noise. Understanding your competitors is what gives you that competitive advantage at the start. This will help you better articulate what makes your product worth investing in. But it isn’t the only one – we’ve got 6 marketing strategies that should definitely form part of your checklist. 

1. Community-led growth

Community-led growth entails bringing a group of people together through certain acquisition efforts (newsletters, memberships systems, Facebook groups etc.) to form a brand community that supports a business or product they love. A brand community that backs a particular brand or product often also gains access to exclusive benefits. 

Brand community members will therefore feel as if they have a special connection to the brand or product and retain that connection themselves by continuously supporting the product/brand and its subsequent expansions. By structuring a thriving brand community, your product will become something special insofar that other brands will want to become part of it too. This is what will drive customer acquisition, brand partnerships, and retention. 

2. Teaser campaigns with influencers

At this stage in the digital economy, the value of influencer partnerships can no longer go unnoticed. Creating an affiliate or ambassador programme in the early phase of your marketing efforts will undoubtedly help you to get the word out about your products sooner rather than later. 

Incentivise a group of influencers or ambassadors that are affiliated with your product to generate promotional social content for you by rewarding them for it. Naturally, there are different approaches to this depending on the product. Thought leaders on LinkedIn, for example, make excellent ambassadors or influencers particularly in the B2B space. LinkedIn thought leaders are specifically looked to by their following to talk about innovative new products or brands. 

3. Join a new product website

Promote your new product on SaaS product websites like AppSumo and Product Hunt. A solution like AppSumo facilitates better deals that customers may gain access to through subscriptions. Do a little bit of research and see on what sites your product will be able to gain more traction. 

4. Reviews

Like gaining exposure through the channels of new product websites, you could also focus on driving good reviews for your product on varying platforms. This includes platforms like an app store, Trustpilot, or Capterra.

In cases where you receive a bad review, see it as an opportunity for growth. Take the critique seriously, engage with the reviewer if you can by asking questions, and make a concerted effort to remedy or resolve the critique. It’s important in this instance to also show others that your product is not above criticism, and that it is robust enough to make alterations that remedy the user experience. 

5. Create impactful content

Establish your business as an expert on a topic within your niche and generate shareable content that will speak to this topic in newfound, impactful ways. People are more likely to download and engage with long-form written content if it offers them useful knowledge. This in turn scales the capturing of leads. 

6. Word-of-mouth marketing

This is an old-school approach, but word-of-mouth marketing is still as valuable as ever before. If there’s one way to get the word out on your product, it’s by telling businesses and people about it. Tell everyone you meet – both online and offline. If you’re passionate about your product, and you believe in its value, other businesses and people will believe in it too. But you have to give the first word before that word can live on in conversations beyond you. 

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