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Why keeping costs down stunts your business….

3rd May 2011

In the early days of a new business, it’s likely that the founder tries to be all things to all people. He’s the salesman, the manufacturer, the admin, driver, after-sales and the marketer – and the guy who has to make the teas.

The most common reason for this is to keep costs down at this embryonic stage of the business – where every penny earned tends to be reinvested back into the company.

But is this wise?

1. Can you honestly give your undivided attention to each role?

The chances are, no. If you don’t sell effectively, you won’t attract new custom or make the market aware you exist. If you don’t manufacture your product or service well, you’ll not enjoy repeat sales and if you fail to carry out your admin effectively your business could run into cash-flow or red tape problems.

Outsourcing some of these roles to professionals who are able to concentrate on that one job, and that one job only, will not only alleviate your burden, it will allow you to improve the areas which remain your concern.

2. Have you the experience?

If you’ve never run a business before, it makes sense to focus on the areas where you already have some form. For example, if you’ve never kept books before, the time spent getting to grips with it, not to mention the risk of mistakes, doesn’t seem cost-effective when you could enrol ad-hoc help for a couple of hours a week – far less than the two days it may take you to get your head round the figures.

Same goes if you’ve never marketed anything in your previous career, don’t assume it’s an easy science. It’s so much more than just shouting, “We’re here!” from the nearest grassy knoll; employing the experts can save you time as well as increase your sales and, ergo, your business.

3. Do you believe outsourcing will be a drain on your resources?

The beauty of outsourcing is you get only the help you need. For smaller companies, having a full-time marketer working in-house can be a big commitment; ad-hoc help as and when it’s needed is much more affordable.

Not only will you be helping bring more sales and customers to the company, but so will the professionals you’ve enlisted. With such a targeted approach to sales and marketing, it won’t be long before your cash outlay will be recouped.

No company can rely purely upon its current customer base. People move on, tastes change, prices fluctuate. Even when a business is enjoying a busy period, you cannot stop thinking of where your next sales will come from – or from where your next busy period will stem.

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