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Why bother with a Marketing Strategy?

9th April 2010

When it comes to marketing many businesses want to rush straight in; they have lots of ideas, 20 different marketing channels and they want to pursue it all… now!

By spending some time writing a Marketing Strategy up front you can:

  • Provide a rationale for what marketing channels your business should pursue based on which will provide the best ROI in the short and long term
  • Think through your competition and how your business is positioned
  • Gain an understanding of your target market, segmenting it where appropriate
  • Develop an annual month-by-month plan allowing you to spend the rest of the year executing the marketing, rather than deciding quite what to do next
  • Bring people involved in marketing together
  • Use the findings to propose a marketing budget
  • Determine the marketing that will get you quicker results vs marketing that will take longer but in time will deliver a greater ROI (for example Google Google Ads vs SEO)
  • Plan your campaigns so they are relevant to the time of year and not rushed with last minute ideas

What should you put in your strategy?

This is individual to each business so we have created a free Marketing Strategy template to help you. To download the Marketing Strategy template click here.

If you want a Marketing Strategy but don’t have the time, resource or know how to write it yourself we may be able to help. Call us on +44 (0)330 223 2770 or email us.

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