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Why a good SaaS marketing strategy needs a business strategy first

10th June 2015

There’s a saying in business that, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Though it may sound clichéd and derived from the pages of a self-help guide, the simple fact is that much of what it encapsulates bears significance. Whether as a small start up or international organisation, a humble online store or a multinational conglomeration, the principle remains the same: good planning delivers success.

Nowhere is effective planning more important than in the development of a good marketing strategy. But when it comes to the delivery of effective marketing, it is essential that a good business strategy has been established and can support the efforts of the marketing and sales departments.

Laying foundations

A number of core components underpin any business strategy, and provide the building blocks of precisely how and what you plan to market. After all, the absence of structure in an organisation leaves you directionless and lacking control. It is vital, therefore, that you establish the key characteristics of your business strategy at the earliest juncture, using them as the foundations on which to construct a successful marketing strategy. You business strategy should identify:

  • A clear direction of where it is going
  • The core areas of competency and how these need to develop
  • How the business will solve marketplace demands and the meet the needs of your target audience
  • How to establish and maintain a competitive advantage
  • Areas for evolution to coincide with market changes

By establishing a clearly defined strategy to support your business’ products and services, you are establishing a solid base on which to construct sales and marketing activity that complement the principles, values, and goals of your organisation.

You’re only as good as the service you offer

Advertising mogul William Bernbach was famously quoted as saying, “The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.” When is comes to devising a good marketing strategy, being able to promote a product or service that offers the utmost quality is far simpler than trying to cover the flaws of a substandard asset. This all comes down to the business strategy. You are only as good as the service you provide and the products you offer, so investing in a structured business strategy to ensure that your marketing and sales departments have something worthy of promoting makes the potential for success far greater.

Success breeds success

While a solid business plan is integral to your company, your marketing strategy is more flexible: what works for one does not always work for another. The reason behind disparate levels of success can often be found in the planning. From the top of an organisation to the bottom, business strategy dictates the level of success to be expected.

Companies that invest the time and resources into research, development, and planning of their business strategy are seldom found wanting when it comes to the marketing of their wares. It pays, therefore, to re-evaluate your business strategy and align it with your marketing objectives; the complementary nature of the two will ultimately deliver far greater levels of success.

Strategy expertise

Developing an effective marketing strategy for your business takes time and energy, both of which are often in short supply. Xander Marketing can help support your marketing efforts and deliver first-class marketing services to enhance the success of your company. Simply contact us today on +44 (0)330 223 2770 and request your free 30 minute consultation.

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