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What will your SaaS content marketing in 2024 look like?

12th February 2024

Content is still king when it comes to gaining and nurturing leads in 2024. Yet, in an increasingly busy digital landscape and noisy marketing environment, it can be hard to grab and hold your prospects’ attention. Factors such as relevance and timing are critical. There is a need to develop the right type of content (awareness, consideration, decision) and present each one at the appropriate point in each prospect’s buying cycle by better understanding their intent at any given time.

Leveraging Generative AI for Original Content Creation

It’s an unarguable fact that generative AI makes it easier to create content. When it comes to making your content original, you need to be able to make unique statements, so you need unique facts to base them on. For SaaS companies, data relating to app or platform performance is perhaps the strongest source of unique information. Databox, for example, has created a SaaS business analytics platform, by providing a single interface to view various key performance indicators (KPIs).

To maximise relevance, it needs to accurately characterise and show genuine empathy for problems that afflict your audience. Conducting surveys and employing AI to gather data about your prospects’ personas allows you to work out who it is you’re talking to and where your content could be of use to them.

  • Invest in thought leadership, elevating your brand above the competition and conduct or commission original research that turns heads in your industry. Write white papers, seek publication in influential industry journals, and consider hosting or speaking at popular industry webinars. Associate your name with good research and innovative thinking, and buyers will immediately turn to you for solutions.
  • Authenticity is key in 2024, with B2B consumers trusting recommendations from colleagues over advertising copy. Tap into user-generated content by sharing case studies and testimonials across your platforms to evoke emotional responses such as inspiration, FOMO, and even envy.
  • With audience expectations moulded by Instagram and Facebook reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok, the compelling power of short videos shows no sign of waning. Create short videos, such as how-to or Q&As, where you can impart nuggets of original advice and entice viewers to learn more about your brand and product. Explainer videos can rapidly orient a prospect with key information about a SaaS product or platform in less than a minute.
  • Video isn’t the only format to aspire to in 2024. Businesses are also increasing their budgets for audio content, such as podcasts. Podcasts not only offer niche platforms for short sponsored adverts but also allow an industry-specific space for SaaS businesses to discuss innovations, challenges, and solutions. Consider inviting influential guests within your industry sphere, and allowing your audience to engage directly via call-in or write-in segments.

Conducting Content Audits for Strategic Insights

To ensure that your marketing is delivering value, perform regular content audits. Invest in analytics software to help identify what kinds of content are performing best with your audience, and make informed decisions about where your efforts are most likely to pay off.

Upcycling High-Performing Content

You can also use this as an opportunity to revitalise old high-performing content in a new format, such as turning bites of advice from a blog post into bright social graphics or reworking a how-to guide into a video format. Upcycling content will help your quality insights reach a more diverse audience, widening the sales funnel.

Personal branding exploits a business leader’s reputation as a credential to promote thought leadership ideas. This type of activity, termed ‘dark social’, shares content or mentions brands on private social media channels, including direct messaging, email, private groups, and so on. It’s ‘dark social’, or ‘dark traffic’ because it cannot be easily tracked by traditional analytics tools. In some ways, this reflects the way personal brands of political leaders are proving powerful in attracting voters.

AI’s Integration in Content Generation

Across all content generation activities, AI is not going to be very far away. From thought leadership white papers to video scripting and social media posts, AI is the go-to tool for punching up content.

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