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What our shift in focus to SaaS means

10th December 2015

xander-logoSince we were established in 2009 Xander Marketing has largely stayed core to its founding principles; in essence providing an outsourced marketing department to small and medium sized businesses. Up until today Xander Marketing has been for any business looking to outsource its marketing. The majority of clients over the last 6 and a half years have been B2B with a slant on software/SaaS and professional service organisations. Yes, we’ve worked with other businesses from dating sites and pop up children’s playrooms to emergency energy suppliers in post-war countries at the other end of the scale, but our sweet spot has largely been software companies, in particular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customers.

Our first ‘large’ client was a SaaS businesses which we had a lot of success with over an 18 month period. This led us to other SaaS businesses through both referrals and targeted campaigns, leveraging previous success, experience and knowledge.

In 2013 we set up a sub-brand, TSMA (The SaaS Marketing Agency) focusing on this particular sector. That has proved to be a huge success further skewing the number of SaaS businesses we work with compared to other businesses.

However looking after two brands is hard work. It’s two blogs to maintain, two websites, two social media profiles. Then there’s multiple email addresses, invoices and potential confusion for new visitors to websites. We have therefore taken the decision to re-brand Xander Marketing as an agency for SaaS businesses. So the TSMA brand over time will disappear and Xander Marketing will leverage its brand name and experience from the last 6.5 years. The services we offer will remain the same, just we will be marketed at SaaS businesses only.

What does this mean if I’m an existing Xander Marketing customer?

Nothing. Things will continue as normal. Just because we are now focusing on SaaS businesses doesn’t mean we have forgotten everything before that. We will continue to service all existing customers and you will see no change.

What if I’m a TSMA customer

Again, things will continue as normal. The only change you will see, at the right time, is a branding change.

What if I’ve spoken to you before, and I’m not a SaaS business?

We still understand marketing and the team has a lot of experience marketing non-SaaS businesses. We will work with non-SaaS businesses If we feel we can support you and are a good fit.

What if I’m new to the website, and not a SaaS business?

If you think we can help you just get in touch and if we think we are a good fit for each other we’re happy to work with you.

Will services, service or pricing be changing?

Fundamentally no. As in the last 6.5 years things evolve as marketing naturally evolves but there will be no revolutionary changes.

What if I want to work for Xander Marketing?

Experience with SaaS/software businesses would be desirable, but not essential. Being the ‘right fit’ is the most important thing. Visit our careers page and get in touch.

What if I offer complementary services to SaaS businesses?

Get in touch. We’d love to talk.

2016 and the future

We’ve excited about this new sector focus. In some ways it limits our target market; in other ways it enables us to continue to become a higher value niche agency in this space. Like any shift in focus like this ‘it might not work’, and things can (and will) change as the industry and marketing evolves, but we’re quietly confident. Watch this space…

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