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What are Accelerated Mobile Pages and how can they help your SaaS business?

7th June 2018

You may have noticed over the last couple of years when searching on mobile for certain topics, the results sometimes consist of links with ‘AMP’ in them. Typically, they’re seen as a carousel at the top of your mobile results page with several links to choose from.

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP for short, are a joint venture between Google and Twitter with one major goal – much faster loading websites which are designed to provide users with information very quickly. They’re essentially web pages with stripped down HTML which load near enough instantly. Streamlined CSS is required, and the only JavaScript allowed is an off-the-shelf library AMP provide you with. They’re also open source.

News publishers, in particular The Guardian, were the early adopters of AMP – which makes sense as it provides a platform for breaking news. But now, other industries are also taking advantage of AMP and they could help your SaaS business, too.

AMP improves your engagement  

The AMP project says that Accelerated Mobile Pages aim to ‘improve user engagement with fast, compelling experiences’. As the pages typically load in under one second, your users receive the information they need almost immediately. In turn, your engagement improves and users are more likely to be engaged with your message and what you’re trying to sell to them.

Increase your conversions

Google sponsored research shows that users on AMP spend 2x as long on an AMP  – and, they’re 20% more likely to convert. As most users typically abandon pages that take more than 3 seconds to load, enquiries and conversions are also likely to improve through use of AMP as users spend less time waiting for your site and your message to load. As well, if you’re using AMP and your competitors aren’t, having a faster loading page may give you a competitive edge over others.

Help your mobile ranking – and your servers

AMP also helps your mobile ranking. Although not a ranking factor by itself, due to the faster loading time AMP has a positive influence over your mobile ranking. It also means if your site receives a lot of traffic, your servers suffer from less load and improved performance.

Boost your visibility

Although AMP do not contribute directly to your domain authority or boost your ranking factors, they do make that page able to appear in the AMP carousel which typically appears above regular search results. This can provide a large boost in your organic results and direct a lot of traffic to your site.

Let Xander Marketing boost your SaaS leads with AMP

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