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We don’t sell anymore

2nd April 2015

Once, we used to ‘sell’ by persuading, convincing or offering great deals.

Now we offer advice and use our expertise to determine if there is a good fit between Xander Marketing and the business to which we are talking.

Our aim is to be a partner, a trusted advisor, a marketing expert to our clients, and that’s just what we do. If you want to be sold to, there are plenty of other agencies that do that. If you need to be talked into doing marketing, again there are plenty of sales people out there doing that.

Our website outlines what we do in detail, the clients we do it for and the niche we target. Our team are all experienced SaaS marketers and we continue to build our expertise and thought leadership every day, through working with our clients in this space. More and more clients are ‘sold’ on us before they even open a dialogue. We start a conversation from a different place – a place of how we can help you meet your objectives, design the best strategy for your business and the kind of results to expect if we execute this plan for you.

So if you are looking for a true partner for your SaaS business, an expert team with your best interests at heart (whether we are the right solution or not) we are here to help you. Just get in touch and we can start by determining if there is a good fit and whether we can succeed together.

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